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Achieve Goals with LinkedIn Marketing


Generate revenue and quality leads, then increase awareness and engage your audience, and impact every stage of your funnel. So take your marketing initiatives to the next level with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing 101:

How to Market your Company,
Achieve your Marketing Goals



So how do you attract and engage your buyers, while delivering marketing content to help them narrow down their options? This is where the LinkedIn social platform comes along to help deliver value to your business.

With the right targeting tools, LinkedIn can help create awareness for your brand and products early in the buying process. After all, 70% of a buyer’s journey is almost always complete even before that buyer reaches out to sales. Meanwhile, the platform’s innovative tools and products can help companies navigate the complex B2B process, where multiple touchpoints influence sales.

And with the right optimizing options, LinkedIn can help you drive the right audiences to take action, helping you generate quality leads and new businesses. LinkedIn can also help position your brand as a thought leader, engaging audiences while forming their perceptions and decisions.

Reach More Audience with Rich Data

The platform can therefore help you segment and reach your audience with its rich member-generated demographic data. In particular, these cover job functions and seniority, company name, geography and industry, and other biographic data.

Also, its interest-based targeting can cover member skills, group membership, and fields of study. Meanwhile, its persona targeting can cover job searchers, opinion leaders, and business travelers, among others. Hence, its targeting tools can reach your target audiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle, including lead generation and customer retention.

In addition, it can help your website learn more about your site visitors, with robust campaign reporting and deeper insights. Also, you can view visitor details such as job title, seniority and function, location and industry with its website demographics tools.

Your brand can now boost customer engagement with cutting-edge LinkedIn content and tools including video and carousel ads.

Building Presence, Utilizing LinkedIn

Just recently, the platform launched a new online course on LinkedIn presence building and ad campaigns. Hence, the course offers your business many lessons on audience targeting and data analytics to maximize ad performance.

To maximize measurement, it helps you measure the bottomline impact of your LinkedIn efforts, including campaign manager and conversion tracking. To note, the course stems from its compilation e-book Sophisticated Marketing resources product tips and expert insights.

Website Demographics: Intuitive Interface

So how does one utilize data and make the most of them? In fact, you can understand, interpret, correlate and use data in the best way to benefit your business.

By adding a new feature to your marketing stack, you can provide the missing puzzle piece. And with LinkedIn Website Demographics, you can create the opportunity for your top level audience to gain insight into the professional makeup of your entire website.

LinkedIn is a tool to help brands and marketers leverage information within the network. Much like in Facebook Pixel, it makes users optimize their websites and see who is actually visiting them. This website demographics tool is a powerful free reporting tracker that leverages information from LinkedIn’s 630 million users globally.

This intuitive interface therefore provides an added layer of insights into the company’s website visitors. Hence, it lets you view and analyze your audience behavior, which would have been inaccessible to other B2B marketers.


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