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Aon Tools Helpful for BPO/Call Centers

Aon Tool BPOs Call Centers

Benefiting the BPO and contact center industry, world-class Aon tools provide top-of-the-line talent selection assessment solutions.

Adaptive, Mobile-Ready Aon
Tools Helpful for Call Centers


MANILA, 9 January 2020 — Aon, an assessment affiliate partner of TDS, will be beneficial to the business process outsourcing and contact center industry, by delivering world-class tools and solutions, hence providing top-of-the-line talent selection assessment solutions.

To note, Aon tools make the best use of web technology, thereby providing an engaging, valid and reliable participant experience. With its unique item generator technology, Aon solutions are resistant to cheating and faking results, while at the same time promoting diversity and fairness.

Being mobile-friendly, Aon solutions can therefore work on any smart device with the latest artificial intelligence and video-ready features.

Aon Tools: AI in Talent Assessment

Now in 2020, AI will become more pervasive in the workplace, affecting the delivery of talent acquisition and HR services. According to Aon, AI will become more prevalent in talent assessment, aside from present-day online purchase suggestions and search suggestions in our smart-home devices.

Automated scoring and computer-generated interpretive reports will then become more prevalent in technology leveraged in HR operations, taking on some routine tasks and using algorithms to produce a candidate report. AI, in fact, generates unique test questions especially in tests that make use of adaptive scoring.

Improving Candidate/Employee Assessment

With AI-powered, video-enhanced Aon solutions, companies leveraging on talent assessment tools benefit with precision, efficiency and engagement of candidates. Additionally, these tools help the interview and hiring process to become eliminate both conscious and unconscious human biases and stereotypes, hence making the process legally firmer.

Since AI can analyze massive amounts of data, much more than any human could accomplish, precision therefore helps make better talent selection decisions. And being automated, the process becomes more efficient as AI enables recruiters and talent teams to conduct consistent and objective assessments of job-relevant data earlier in the selection process.

Moreover, it would be advantageous to the talent selection process if it is legally defensible. Hence the AI within a talent assessment system must be transparent and open to challenge. After all, AI that can continuously learn to observe best practices of human raters can definitely offer the most legally defensible assessment approach.

Most importantly, AI must significantly improve the candidate experience in recruitment, optimizing and enhancing the selection experience for candidates.

Recruiters can now offer immediate support with interactive chatbots answering queries about the selection process or about specific assessments. This, for example, happens with having open-ended, non-mechanical responses in personality questionnaires and situational judgement tests.

So by speeding up decision times, reducing bias, enhancing the assessments and making the process more candidate-centric, AI can improve the whole selection experience for jobseekers, Aon said.


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