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Improve your Business Processes with DMAIC via Lean Six Sigma

DMAIC: 5-Step Method: TeleDevelopment offers Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training courses and workshops for interested individual and corporate participants.


Attain Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
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MANILA, 6 August 2018 — Good business leaders aim to improve their workplace processes, increase production quality, and reduce costs and manufacturing wastes.

Learning the steps to Lean Six Sigma is a good way to start with and address these business concerns. In fact, proponents of Lean Six Sigma define it as simply a process for solving a problem.

DMAIC: 5-Step Method

Specifically, it consists of five phases: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (pronounced Duh-may-ik). Hence, it is an acronym to address the need to improve existing process problems with unknown causes.

Basically, defining involves identifying the problem that the business needs to fix, developing a goal, and understanding customer requirements.

Meanwhile, measuring is quantifying the problem and its magnitude, collecting data and ensuring they are reliable.

Moreover, analyzing is identifying and verifying the cause of the problem, and brainstorming potential root causes. Therefore, analyzing involves developing hypotheses as to why these problems exist, and then working to prove or disprove these hypotheses.

Additionally, analyzing is not about jumping to solutions first before knowing the true root causes of the issues. By doing so, people waste even more time, consume more resources, create more variation, and often cause newer problems.

Lean Six Sigma: Sharing, Celebrating Success

Improving means implementing and verifying the solution, mitigating the root causes of the problem, and collecting data to measure improvements. If analyzing involves brainstorming potential root causes, improving involves brainstorming the solutions.

By structurally improving, you can develop innovative and elegant solutions which will ultimately heighten customer experience.

Finally, controlling involves maintaining and sustaining the solutions your business process earlier came up with, and working on your gains.

Additionally, controlling involves creating a monitoring plan to continue measuring the success of the updated process. Then, the business goes on developing a response plan in case there is a dip in performance.

Once your process is eventually controlled and undergoes maintenance, it’s time for your business to share and celebrate your success.

DMAIC + Green Belt Training

TeleDevelopment is currently offering Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training courses and workshops for interested individual and corporate participants.

“Green Belt Practitioners are critical to any organization,” TeleDevelopment said. “They are on a crossroads between simple process improvement projects and one step behind complex projects being managed by LSS Black Belts.”

Green Belt practitioners will also manage projects and mentor Yellow Belt practitioners, gaining experience before levelling up to Black Belt.

“The workshop is designed for individuals going through this journey who are leading continuous improvement projects,” TeleDevelopment added.

Moreover, the workshop will include multiple learning approaches such as classroom and project discussions, hands on exercises and project simulations, and case study samples.

For more info, please refer to the infographic below or contact TeleDevelopment L&D and Marketing teams.

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