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Having the right payroll solutions for a company means additional comfort and convenience to both workforce and management.


There is a New Word for Convenience… Call It Payroll Solutions



Payroll is a list of employees in a company and its total amount of money, company records, salaries and wages, bonuses and withheld taxes of each employee.

That may seem a lot of responsibility for one department and its members to handle. But as we are currently in the dawn of new age, technology makes it everything easier and possible. There are a number of payroll solutions that various companies from different industries use.

In particular, payroll solutions offer a variety of services that enables a company to compensate its workers on time with their accurate payslips with its automated payroll processing. Moreover, it enables a company to be more productive as it does all the legwork of admin requirements.

Therefore, payroll management offers the management competitive advantage, increasing efficiency and lessening instances of human error. Moreover, payroll solutions offer assistance in processing government requirement benefits.

To note, errors aren’t confined events but in fact creates a domino effect. After all, incorrect logging in or error-filled timesheets lead to incorrect paychecks.

Adding to this, incorrect paychecks affect withholding and payroll taxes, and pose as a problem to everyone. These mistakes may be unintentional, however they cause undue burden to the administration team.

Comfort and Convenience

Having the right payroll solutions for a company means additional comfort and convenience to both workforce and management.

With technology within reach, payroll solutions also offers mobile accessibility for employees’ filing of leaves and/or reimbursements at the palm of their hands. This way, employees can access their records and view their payslip whenever and wherever.

Now, payroll solutions offer a vast range of services all tailored to bring peace of mind to business owners. TDS therefore brings you Payroll2U, a payroll solutions tool that offers end-to-end process and full-support service.

Payroll2u is 100-percent devoted to payroll technology so your company can be 100% devoted to its business. Go mobile anytime, anywhere!

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