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Future Jobs: Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing firms can now source a talent pipeline for their factories, put new tech into practice, and remain globally competitive.


Jobs of Tomorrow: Digital Manufacturing of the Future


Updated from 11:12 AM of 29 January 2019


MANILA, 4 March 2019 — Automation may pose a threat for the manufacturing sector but new roles will likely offset job losses in the future.

Specifically, “the jobs of today look different to yesterday and will look different again tomorrow,” Milwaukee-based Manpower Group said. The company again highlighted these new job roles in a recent report called “Humans Wanted: Robots Need You.”

Its latest report also highlighted winning solutions in the so-called “Skills Revolution 4.0,” specifically the “Future of Digital Manufacturing.”

In particular, almost 2.7 million US manufacturing workers will likely retire by 2025. However, the sector will only produce 2 million new jobs over the next decade, with digitization and automation disrupting skills.

Manpower Group said it therefore convened companies to create an industry-recognized taxonomy defining digital manufacturing roles of the future. This taxonomy will henceforth find practical solutions to skills shortage and ensure it can fill up 2 million jobs.

Future of Manufacturing

New job roles include titles like “collaborative robotics specialists,” “manufacturing cybersecurity strategists,” and “enterprise digital ethicists,” according to Manpower Group.

An in-depth analysis of these roles will therefore help companies identify people with adjacent, connected, adaptable and applicable skills. Manufacturing firms can now source a talent pipeline for their factories, put new tech into practice, and remain globally competitive.

Moreover, detailed descriptions of the report include both technical and soft skills required for in-demand roles.

These new roles include: assembler to digital manufacturing engineer; technician to predictive maintenance systems specialist; molder to manufacturing cyber-security strategist; welder to collaborative robotics specialist; caster to digital manufacturing biomimicry specialist; fabricator to change management strategist; heat treater to enterprise digital ethicist; inspector to virtual reality system specialist; machinist to user experience architect; and operator to digital twin architect.

Factories of the Future

The January 2019 Skills Revolution 4.0 report “Humans Wanted: Robots Need You” incorporates the findings of the August 2018 report “The Digital Workforce Succession in Manufacturing,” which identified 165 data-centric and digital tech roles to shape these next-gen roles.

Manpower Group completed the August report chiefly in partnership with the Chicago-based Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute.

That report also attempted to provide a comprehensive analysis of key drivers related to these jobs. Likewise, it aimed to shed light on the required talents and skills to power the factories of the future.

Additionally, next-gen jobs include: augmented reality systems manager; life-cycle twin architect; machine learning specialist; digital thread engineer; and embedded product prognostics engineer. And regarding inquiries about jobs in the US and globally, TDS offers executive search and recruitment solutions. So just click this link and corresponding image.


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