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High-Impact Results: Mobile, Gamified Aon Tests


Get high-impact results as client companies can obtain the most highly qualified and eligible candidates with TDS/Aon solutions. Mobile and accessible, time- and cost-saving, these psychometrically valid talent assessments tests are interestingly gamified, hence enhancing user experience.


Mobile, Gamified Assessment
Provides High-Impact Results


TDS Enhances Talent Assessment
Solutions with Aon Partnership



Judy Whisenhunt, recently the new CEO of TDS Global Solutions, and Dhruv Mathur, business head for vocational and Philippines of Aon’s Assessment Solutions, both played crucial roles at the onset of the TDS-Aon partnership during a CCAP Learning Session.

TDS Global Solutions (formerly TeleDevelopment Services) is enhancing its talent assessment solutions as it commences a new partnership with Aon.

As a leading global professional services firm already providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions, Aon now provides human capital and talent solutions that provide high-impact results for companies and candidates alike.

Indeed, its global talent solutions reach covers 120 countries, 40 languages, and 30 million assessments per year.

Shivanker Singh, lead solution architect of Aon Assessments Solutions for Asia Pacific & Middle East region, delivers his presentation during the TDS-Aon Partnership launch and CCAP Learning Session at Shangri-la at the Fort, BGC on November 25.


Candidate Engagement, Standardized Hiring

Aon’s solutions on candidate engagement in fact help companies to have seamless and interactive experience to engage candidates and enable access to the right talent pool.

In addition, its standardized hiring process provides simplified, consistent and efficient evaluation for all candidates across the organization.

Talent Analytics, Role Fitment

To note, its talent analytics solutions benefit companies on assessment data to help drive key talent agenda and link their people strategy to the wider company strategy.

Meanwhile, its role fitment capabilities include assessments for measuring candidates’ cultural and role fitment to ensure better retention and productivity.

CAST: 33% Time Saved

To note, its proprietary Cognitive Ability Speed Test (CAST) determines a candidate’s overall learnability and trainability. In particular, this refers to how quickly a candidate can learn or grasp a new role and meet functional requirements.

Designed to test a candidate’s basic mental abilities in just 12-18 minutes, CAST can then reduce recruitment time by 33%, quickly screening candidates for any role, without losing out on good candidates.

Aon said its aptitude assessments have proven to be powerful predictors of long-term professional success, with virtually no other tools providing as much added value for HR decision-making with a comparably small resource investment.

ADEPT-15 and smartPredict

Its Adaptive Employee Personality Test (ADEPT-15) is in fact a very advanced, award-winning personality test. As a valid predictor of on-the-job performance, ADEPT-15 can then predict key outcomes for hourly, professional, and managerial jobs.

ADEPT-15 is therefore a scientific assessment that accurately uncovers 15 unique aspects of an individual’s personality. This, in turn, can help organizations hire, promote, and develop the very best talent.

Meanwhile, smartPredict covers a series of four cognitive ability assessments, with certain game elements that increase user experience and engagement.

TDS and AON representatives together with CCAP Secretariat during the partnership launch at the Shangrila Fort, BGC on November 25.

AON: High-Impact Results

Moreover, Aon’s Communication assessments determine candidate English proficiency for job-related tasks and organizational interaction. Its automated Written English Test (WET) and Language Tests also help companies obtain the most highly qualified and eligible candidates.

Finally, its Domain Skills and Coding assessments determine a candidate’s key technical skills and knowledge expected for the job. Additionally, its technical assessments cover a range of 200+ domains.

Being the newest TDS Affiliate Partner, Aon talent solutions provide high-impact results. With highly qualified and interested job candidates eligible only to proceed to the next stage of the hiring process, TDS-Aon solutions help companies reduce recruitment efforts in processing irrelevant or disinterested profiles.


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