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HireMe is a new platform in the market that will revolutionize the recruitment process of the industries. Imagine getting hired without ever braving the traffic and queues.

The modern age has allowed us to acquire convenience in almost every aspect of our lives. Social media has played a big part of our everyday activities keeping us updated with all things happening around us. Distance is bridged by the convenience of communication, giving us all the opportunity to interact from across the globe.

Technology has come a long way. Looking for companionship? Dating sites are available. Hungry? A few touch of a button can get you something to tide your hunger over or even have your entire grocery list delivered at your doorstep. It has indeed improved our lives in more ways imaginable.


HireME – Job Application Made Easy and Convenient

Applying for a job and landing it while on the go or at the comfort of your home can already be realized. No fancy gadgets, just your smartphone will suffice. HireME is a product recently introduced to help companies and job seekers meet without physical contact. It is a product of extensive study and research that eliminates all the hassles of job application from both perspectives.

HireMe is an app available in IOS and Google Play that can be downloaded for free. Employers can easily assess a candidate to trim the first few stages of recruitment. It acts as a primary tool to funnel applicants and concentrate on a more quality pool. Initial screening and tests can be adjusted to tailor fit the job requirements.

The security features embedded in the app are tested to provide optimum accuracy of test results. Searching for talents is taken to another level by integrating technology to ease out the burden and cost of traditional recruitment. HireMe is designed for any type and level of employment and for any industry or trade. An initial screening can be conducted via a virtual interview with customizable questions and competency tests can be specifically designed per requirement.

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