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Our language assessment tools have helped airline pilots and air traffic controllers address untoward incidents on the ground and in the sky, among others, solving issues with good communication skills and preparing them to obtain the highest in aviation language proficiency, aligned with global ICAO and US FAA guidelines. Beyond assessments, we provide other services such as online and digital recruitment, payroll management and other managed services for the airline industry.


With our years of corporate experience in executive search and recruitment, payroll and managed services, and digital marketing, we are the perfect fit for the thriving sunshine industry of logistics, which integrates port shipping operations, warehousing and freight forwarding, transport and distribution, supply chain management, and IT services to facilitate global trade and connectivity. Our global expertise will surely benefit the logistics industry in ensuring the smooth flow of commodities and speeding up clearance time for imports and exports, while lowering operational costs.


Healthcare Technology

Our healthcare information management solutions have helped students, businesses and governments in promoting global industry-standard, value-based healthcare tech services. In partnership with the IT-BPM industry and government agencies, our medical coding healthcare training program, equipped with auditing and compliance software, have helped medical and non-medical professionals to become US-certified medical coders/billers. Our HR staffing and recruitment solutions for the healthcare industry cover voice and non-voice clinical and non-clinical services and digital technology support for value-based healthcare models and continuum-of-care delivery.


With your food-and-beverage or restaurant business, or your hotel and tourism outfit, we offer you volume staffing services and other HR solutions for your world-class operations. For the digital lodging and app-based accommodations industry, we offer you digital marketing and employer branding solutions. For a wonderful first impression whether in cruise ships or hotel lobbies, our training and assessment tools can help the language skills of your frontline staff to better serve your guests and clients.



Our expertise in market entry and site selection for new investors, managed services including payroll management, as well as digital marketing and recruitment have provided value-added benefits to the traditional and digital banking and the financial technology industries. With mobile wallets and other app-based payment gateways, virtual currencies and tokens becoming the new norm in global financial transactions, we can provide end-to-end solutions as banks and fintech firms become more accessible and convenient to customers in transactions, payments and purchase of goods and services, thereby maximizing innovation and unlocking unlimited potentials of the banking industry’s digital future. We share the goals of delivering better financial and customer services, improving regulatory compliance, and reducing long-term costs.


We offer the most reliable and robust recruitment processes and digital recruitment services to attain the human capital vision of the manufacturing and retail industries. We deploy effective recruitment marketing and data analytics tools for an efficient change management strategy and implementation plan.



With our solutions, we can provide the budding online and outsourced gaming creative industry with the successful skills assessment and recruitment marketing strategies for your external or offshore studios, artists, and developers. Much like with the IT/BPM outsouricng industry, we offer accurate, measurable, and calculable pre- and post-conversion rates, time-to-hire, and cost-to-hire ratios, and comparing them against industry averages.

Call Centers/BPOs/BPMs

We are an industry pioneer and thought leader in the field of training, executive search, staffing and human capital solutions with over 750 BPM/BPO/contact centers clients served worldwide. TDS has staffed and trained over 50,000 full-time employees for various start-ups and ongoing industry clients.

Call Centers/BPOs/BPMs


The world-class training and assessment programs we use have benefited not just the corporate world but even federal and local government agencies as well. More than assisting foreign affairs functions and diplomatic locations in various embassies and consulates all over the world, our language tools have helped governments and international missions increase their efficiency and promote innovation, and deliver better transparency, fiscal accountability and public policy. Our training programs in partnership with government have yielded a number of trainee-graduates particularly in the field of health information management.


We have facilitated the shaping of the future workforce by promoting graduate employability and addressing workplace skills gap. Our partnerships with businesses, school and government, together with our initiatives in career pathing and placement, digital recruitment and language assessments, as well as employer/talent branding have helped meet the demands of the labor market and the 21st century workforce.



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