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Leadership Training with Alpha Aviation

TDS Global Solutions recently conducted a training program for Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) to enhance leadership qualities. | Leadership training


Flying High: Leadership Training
with TDS, Alpha Aviation Group




MANILA, 14 May 2019 — Successful leaders, according to Reed Markham, see opportunities in every difficulty rather than difficulty in every opportunity. Truly, that is the mark of leadership.

Hence, a leader is someone who leads or commands a group, organization or country. But no one is born a leader. Leadership, after all, is learned, earned, and honed through time.

TDS Global Solutions recently conducted a training program for Alpha Aviation Group (AAG) specifically to enhance leadership qualities.

Leadership Training: Communication and Aviation

A lot of factors make up a leader, and one of the most important factors is communication. After all, it’s not just about getting your message across different channels and audiences.

Communication, as we know it, is a two-way street. More importantly, it is also about listening effectively to your audience, and knowing how to inspire and motivate them the most.

In particular, the five-day leadership training for more than 20 participants consisted of various communication styles. Moreover, it demonstrated how culture may have influenced the way Filipinos interact with people from different races.

The training module specifically aims to gauge the effectiveness of leaders in communicating with internal and external customers. The leadership training, attended by senior leaders and trainers of Alpha Aviation Group, ended earlier this May.

Alpha Aviation: World-Class Pilot Training

With its state-of-the-art training facilities and international standards, AAG has two flight simulators – the A320 and A330.

Moreover, AAG envisions its steady growth to lead the pack in world-class pilot training in the Asia-Pacific region. Hence, their high-end facilities, diverse workforce, and leaders have now become more effective in communicating.

With its high-quality training services, TDS has assisted small and large companies to achieve their business objectives and attain excellence.

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