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LinkedIn Solutions for Recruiters, Jobseekers

LinkedIn Scheduler is one way the social media platform for business professionals can make recruiters more productive, powerful, and personal.


LinkedIn’s Upgrades Help
HR Recruiters, Jobseekers


MANILA, 2 March 2018 — For company recruiters, LinkedIn relieves the pain points of hiring job candidates. Meanwhile, for jobseekers, it eases the challenges of landing a good job.

Called the LinkedIn Scheduler, the latest InMail feature for LinkedIn Recruiter Solutions easily schedules job interviews.

The job candidate, using LinkedIn Scheduler, can therefore sync his or her calendar for the interview, and set scheduling preferences. So this jobseeker can set how long the candidate meetings may last, like 15-30 minutes, or how long can be available.

Meanwhile, the recruiter or human resources department can add a calendar availability link to their InMail outreach. With this, recruiters can send InMails to each candidate or as a group.

“LinkedIn Scheduler is just the latest way that we’re working to make recruiters more productive, powerful, and personal,” LinkedIn said.

LinkedIn Salary Insights

Earlier, the platform introduced Salary Insight as well as Salary to its users.

“Providing Salary Insights upfront attracts more talent, focuses your conversations, speeds things up, and adds clarity to the candidate experience,” LinkedIn added.

Aside from this, LinkedIn’s Salary allows users to see a detailed breakdown of salaries by job title and location. Notably, this is based on information LinkedIn members submitted privately.

More importantly, its goal is to be transparent and help professionals understand their earning potential. Hence, job candidates can make better informed decisions about their career.

After all, compensation is usually one of the top reasons people change jobs, according to LinkedIn.

“Salary information can be a powerful trigger for otherwise passive candidates to respond or reach out,” it said.


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