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LinkedIn’s Intelligent Hiring Experience

Recruiters can now manage candidates better across hiring channels, building a single unified pipeline for sourced leads and job applicants.


LinkedIn’s Unified Platform:
Intelligent Hiring Experience


MANILA, 14 March 2019 — LinkedIn is integrating and streamlining its Recruiter, Jobs, and Pipeline Builder into one platform, making it easier to find great candidates.

LinkedIn highlighted benefits such as increased productivity, smarter results, and improved collaboration among members of a recruitment team.

With a new seamless workflow, recruiters can manage candidates better across hiring channels in one place. Hence, they can now build a single unified pipeline for sourced leads and job applicants.

Moreover, recruiters can review candidates with a slide-in candidate profile view without opening a new tab.

As part of its upcoming features, recruiters can get proactive candidate recommendations immediately after adding them to the Pipeline tool. Its intelligent learning features therefore make candidate suggestions smarter over time, based on recruiter preferences.

Recruiters can then add qualified candidates from their Pipeline, which keeps track of qualified candidates throughout the hiring process, to the Talent Pool tab, which contains all candidate search results, as well as any candidate from Jobs or Pipeline Builder campaigns.

Core Talent Tools, Unified Intelligent Platform

Aside from choosing better candidates, the new intelligent features will improve searches and recommendations for required job skills.

According to LinkedIn, the single platform will make life for recruiters easier, more efficient and more aligned with their tasks.

For the new slide-in profile view, this feature makes reviewing candidate profiles easier without clicking back and forth. Hence, there will be no more need to click to open a new tab, allowing recruiters to stay in the search result.

On candidate recommendations, the platform learns what recruiters want in a given role and automatically surface relevant candidates. The core hiring tools can “talk to one another and leverage machine learning to simplify the hiring process,” LinkedIn wrote.

“Our tools will learn by noting which candidates you save and hide, (then) which candidates you send InMail messages to. Best of all, the tools will (also) keep getting smarter with every click you make,” LinkedIn added.

Therefore, this tool makes recruiters’ “jobs easier at a time when talent is hard to find,” HR Dive wrote. “The pending new features speak to larger trends in recruiting, too, such as using AI to assess candidate potential.”

This technology, then, can “assist in sourcing grunt work — ideally to free up recruiters to spend more time on cultivating personal relationships with promising prospects,” HR Dive added. Therefore, it will have “more collaborative hiring processes, helping recruiters encourage hiring managers to engage directly with potential candidates.”

Era of Talent Intelligence

As one of its solutions, LinkedIn last year highlighted a new era of talent intelligence. In particular, talent intelligence is a way to harness data and insights to reinvent and improve every step of the recruitment process.

TDS, a LinkedIn talent solutions partner, conducted a forum series on the Era of Talent Intelligence last April and September.


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