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Millennial-Led Workforce Tech Tools, Talent Training

Millennial-led workforce talent training

Millennial managers will embrace new tools to boost productivity. Companies must therefore create more challenging work environments to keep them moving.


VISION 2030:

Tech Tools and Talent Training
for a Millennial-Led Workforce



By 2030, millennials (1981-1996, based on 16-year generational divisions) will represent nearly three quarters of the global workplace. Hence, by then, the oldest millennials would be in their late 40s, and the youngest ones in their mid-30s.

According to the 2019 Millennial Manager Workplace Survey, 75% of millennials believe that constantly job-hopping will advance their careers. Based on this data from more than 1,000 mid- to executive-level managers between 18 and 36 years of age, the survey was able to gain insights into millennial career journeys, workplace needs and technology preferences.

In another survey from The Harris Poll, half of United States employees view their current work more as a career. Meanwhile, the other half feel that their current work as “just a job,” and many of them are millennials.

The report surveyed 1,021 hiring managers and HR managers, as well as 1,010 full-time US employees across industries. With so many employees unenthusiastic about their current jobs, employers must therefore reassess the employee experience to prevent turnover.

Millennial Flexibility

Some left their jobs because their company didn’t offer work flexibility opportunities, such as work-from-home and flexible schedules. In fact, 16% of employees search for new jobs because of flexibility issues.

To note, the report surveyed more than 7,300 employees to determine how work flexibility affects career decisions. Moreover, majority (80%) of employees admitted they would be more loyal to their companies if they had flexible work options.

In fact, more than half (52%) of respondents have tried negotiating flexible work arrangements with their companies.

Tools & Tech for Millennials

With so many job-shifting millennials, it is important to understand connecting with them and thereby improving their retention rate.

The Millennial Manager Workplace Survey also revealed that millennial managers are most likely to embrace new tools to boost productivity. In fact, the survey said technology can help tackle collaboration and communication as the second and third biggest workplace issues.

Most respondents (62%) further said they didn’t feel their workplace have been using too many tech tools. That number, in fact, was in stark contrast with other reports suggesting that technology hampers workplace production.

Among the tools at their disposal, email is the millennial-preferred tool for productivity. In fact, email is almost five times more popular than the cloud-based collaboration software Slack.

Millennial managers consider Slack both the second-best productivity tool but also the second least-preferred productivity tool. To note, videoconferencing was the millennial’s least-preferred tool for productivity.

Training for Millennials

In truth, millennials look for more mentorship than direction. So they encourage their employers and superiors to be more of a coach than a boss. Their sentiment is that they don’t like to work FOR you but work WITH you.

To keep up with this fast-paced generation, companies must create more challenging work environments to keep them moving. If a millennial employee feels that their superiors are invested in their personal career growth, balancing people and profits, it is less likely for them to find someplace else to share their talents.

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