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Mobile Recruiting with Career Microsites

Mobile recruiting involves over a billion monthly job searches using mobile devices. Having career microsites will enhance the mobile recruiting experience.


Enhancing your Mobile Recruiting
Experience with Career Microsites


MANILA, 19 July 2018 — Creating a superb career job site or microsite is one way for businesses to enhance their mobile recruiting experience.

After all, mobile recruiting has been a growing trend with over a billion monthly job searches using mobile devices.

Aside from mobile apps, emails, and text messages, career microsites are important, with 23% of total searches containing the word “job.”

In fact, 6 of 10 jobseekers view company career pages first from their smartphones or other mobile devices.

Moreover, jobseekers believe mobile will be the most common way to look for jobs within the next couple of years.

Microsite Qualities

A good microsite must be easy to navigate for a user, especially for jobseekers.

Despite being reflective of the main company website and its overall employer brand, the microsite should not be overly detailed and informative.

Hence, the user can focus purely and primarily on the application relative to the job vacancy. Above all, a good job microsite is both a time and cost saver.

More importantly, a good career microsite will familiarize your potential recruits on your corporate vision, ethos, and culture.

Additionally, it must portray a professional approach to recruitment and establish your corporate credibility as an employer of choice.

Also, it must provide important metrics to help you compare your page hits with the actual number of applications.

This, in turn, will help you analyze your conversion rate, on how well you are converting interest into real applicants.

Finally, it must ensure the best possible response rate by providing applicants with all the information they need.

Now, your career microsite can become a permanent recruitment portal, easy to maintain and update to advertise future vacancies.

Benefits of Talent Microsites

For the multi-channel digital recruitment firm, a good microsite must be fast, concise, marketable, easy, and manageable with the all the data your company has.

Werk.Ph can help your business build a very good career microsite.

Having a talent microsite creates a better recruitment experience for your jobseekers to improve their candidate experience.


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