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Mobility, AI for Recruitment in 2018

About 9 in 10 jobseekers find their mobile device an important tool for job searching. More importantly, about half use it to search for a job every single day.


Mobility, AI Use to Rise
for Recruitment in 2018

Firms, Recruiters, HR Units Eye WeRK
as Digital, Mobile Recruitment Partner


MANILA, 17 January 2018 — Just as in 2017, the jobs market will continue to witness the rise of mobility for recruitment uses in 2018.

About 9 in 10 jobseekers find their mobile device an important tool for job searching. More importantly, about half use it to search for a job every single day.

But only 3 or less out of 10 companies optimally use their websites for mobile devices. This is according to cloud-based human resources firm PageUp. By 2020, mobile devices will be the most common way to search for jobs within two years.

Meanwhile, social recruiting strategies will continue to ramp up for 2018. Companies will strengthen their employer brand and actively manage their Glassdoor rating. But just like in mobile devices, so far less than half maximize their social media recruitment activities.

Moreover, a number of companies have been preparing for the advent of artificial intelligence in the workplace. However, more than 6 out of 10 still do not optimize AI specifically for HR purposes.

For companies to catch up on candidate expectations, they are expected to adopt mobility and AI in the HR process.

Chatbots for Jobs

AI tech makes processing candidate applications and improving recruitment strategies faster, according to digital marketing and recruitment website 4MAT. Moreover, it can “sift through hundreds of CVs and ‘pull’ out promising ones based on the keywords they contain.”

In addition, AI improves methods for attracting candidates. Also, it can act as a chatbot on recruitment websites and analyze data to “streamline the candidate funnel and decrease drop-off rates.”

And just like last year, social media will continue to become a novel battleground for recruitment this year. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. will have huge potentials in helping companies build a reputation and reach out to job candidates.

WeRK for You

For companies with forward-thinking recruiters and HR departments, TeleDevelopment partner is your digital and mobile recruitment partner. WeRK offers flexible job ad packages for posting in our website and other relevant channels, both offline and online.

Above its industry rivals, WeRK matches the profile a company looks for and its use of proprietary filtering methods.

Like casting a wider net over larger swaths of people, the platform catches more capable, fitting candidates with identifiable skills. It is a more streamlined and selective net, and a less indiscriminate one.

Based on its data over the past two years, WeRK delivered double the results with 50 percent less investment. In 2016, based on its partners’ data, the hiring rate average was at 21 percent.

With details like profile content and usual search items, WeRK leverages on collected data via people’s online behavior. WeRK then connects the right people with potential employers. Even before placing digital ads, WeRK is already targeting people who are most likely to be interested in a job offer.

Based on this targeted advertising, WeRK develops a strong working relationship with its clients.

WerKing Relationships

For digital ad content management solutions, WeRK gave a previous client about 11,000 fresh digital leads, aggregating these leads through a microsite.

With the behavior of jobseekers now on digital platforms, companies need to be prevalent in social media. After all, having up-to-date, relevant content is crucial to talent engagement, like managing job applications easier and faster.

Hence, a multi-channel, multi-platform digital company like WeRK can do this for its clients. Or, likewise, for any other company that decides to be its mobile and digital recruitment partner.



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