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Near-Hire Training for Citigroup


With two batches of near-hire training for Citigroup, TDS provides opportunities to improve customer service through skilled, adept employees. | #customersolutions

TDS Helps Train Citigroup’s
Customer Solutions Officers



TDS Global Solutions has facilitated two batches of near-hire training of fresh graduates and career shifters specifically for Citigroup.

According to Citigroup Business Process Solutions Pte Ltd (CBPS), the trainees have learned to possess better communications skills. Moreover, the training taught them basic customer service and banking terms for Citi operations.

After the training, CBPS was then able to hire 24 trainees to become its batch of Customer Solutions Officers for 2019.

The successful TDS training therefore helped Citigroup deliver better customer care and banking services for their clients.

It facilitated the trainees to improve their voice and accent, as well as language and grammar skills. TDS trainers in particular included Denise Cabuang, Maurie Nivales, and Shama Siddiqui.

Citigroup Catalyst

The near-hire training hence became a catalyst for Citigroup to optimize its day-to-day operations. For one, it helped the trainees to deliver quick and reliable customer service, thereby maximizing profit by minimizing turnover time.

With the successful training, it provided a wonderful opportunity for Citigroup to increasing customer loyalty through its skilled and adept employees.

CBPS revealed that it provides best-in-class business process outsourcing, as well as customer sales and service. Also, it delivers other offshore services to various Citi operations around the world.

Overall, these cover at least 15 lines of business, including CitiPhone, credit operations and transaction services.

To note, Citi is a globally trusted brand with over 200 years of continuously evolving financial services. Also, it serves 200 million different clients, with financial operations in 160 countries and 100 currencies.

Training Catalog

Here then is our training catalog for 2019-2020. So send us an email or a tweet and get your exclusive copy now straight to your inbox.

Training Catalog 2019-2020


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