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Pearson Launches New Remote, Fully Monitored English Language Assessment

off-site English language assessment

There’s no such thing as business as usual anymore…nor are  recruiting processes. They should not stay the same.

In any recruitment process, security and candidate authentication are key considerations. Under normal circumstances, companies have the assurance they need to validate the whole assessment process. However, this unexpected global state affected the recruitment process of many employers and some are struggling to assess whether candidates have the required level of English based on the job requirements, which may lead to wrong hiring decisions.

Pearson, the world’s learning company, together with TDS Global Solutions, a top human capital solutions provider has unveiled Versant + Remote Monitoring test, which allows candidates to take their test off-site at the convenience of any location to help recruiters in the major shift of a virtual recruiting process.

The Versant Remote Monitoring solution is a fully digital solution that customers can use alongside their Versant tests to add a layer of security for remote recruitment. This allows to monitor the entire session using Camera, Microphone and Browser. Session will get recorded and analyzed, via automated and manual means to detect any fraudulent or suspicious behavior.

Different companies and industries, especially IT-BPM, can benefit from the additional layers of security and verification built in with this test to ensure they hire the most suitable candidates for their organization.

Versant and remote Monitoring

To request for free screener test with remote monitoring, contact TDS Global Solutions at or (+1-888) 788-4441.

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