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Payroll Solutions: Peace of Mind for Businesses

Payroll2U, the payroll solutions partner of TeleDevelopment, gives business owners peace of mind so they can better concentrate on running their business.


Payroll2U and TeleDevelopment:
Peace of Mind for Your Business

By Mitch R. Confesor

MANILA, 27 September 2017
— Singapore-based Payroll2U, the payroll solutions partner of TeleDevelopment Services, gives business owners peace of mind. This way, they can better concentrate on the core aspects of running their business.

Its services and applications have been compliant with countries in Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, and Vietnam.

Small business owners can easily go for a long vacation and leave their laptop behind, without comprising their employees’ salary. “When outsourcing payroll, you will have a peace of mind and plan ahead more effectively,” Payroll2U says in its brochure.

Specifically, it offers payroll outsourcing services and online payroll software-as-a-service (SAAS) solutions. Moreover, it processes new hire information, employee resignations, overtime calculations, allowances, reimbursements, and deductions, among others.

Reliability and Continuity

Usually, most businesses rely on a single key employee for their payroll. However, this employee may fall sick, or go for a vacation herself/himself, or even resign.

“As it is not cost effective to employ a backup person, companies often have to scramble to get a new hire, (then) conduct training and handover within a very short period of time,” Payroll2U says in its website.

After all, companies with no outsourced payroll solutions may misplace their employee files. Further, the employee in charge of payroll may not have properly filed the other employees’ records. Sometimes, employees cannot anymore even retrieve passwords to certain documents.”

Therefore, companies that outsource their payroll “can rest assured (that) payroll process, records, and tax history are retained and continually available,” Payroll2U adds. It strict processes and a structured filing system enables companies to easily retrieve current and historical records.

“As outsourcing payroll is our core business, we have a team of payroll buddies available to process your payroll and answer to your queries all the time,” Payroll2U reveals.

Ensuring its proprietary software and streamlined processes, automated technology and robust disaster recovery plans, confidential company data is safe at all times, Payroll2U says.

Payroll Solutions: No Delays

Moreover, Payroll2U says it diligently works out a payroll schedule to ensure that the system never compromises the employees’ payday.

“We respect privacy and confidentiality. (Also), we maintain reasonable and appropriate security controls to protect your information at all times. We try to avoid conflict of interest in every possible way,” Payroll2U stresses.

Typically, an employee will be able to view pay advice and pay history, change personal details, submit timesheets and file expense claims. Payroll2U says they may include HR-related tasks such as leave application and training requests.

“Because all the modules integrate seamlessly, data is available in multiple applications, reducing data entry dramatically,” Payroll2U explains.

Among its system’s key features is easy access to employee information like appointment letters and scanned documents like ID cards. There is also easy and quick access to current and historical information for promotions, transfers, and other job details.

With its powerful and user-friendly data extraction tool, Payroll2U’s system has an option to email payslips with secure passwords. It can also record and track all leave records, with a comprehensive leave calendar.

Robust and Secure Payroll Solutions

Its robust, secure, modular, and cloud-based smartPAY proprietary payroll management system software is process-driven and available in multiple languages.

According to Payroll2U, client companies still need to check even if they are outsourcing their payroll services. Clients will have to authorize the payroll before employees get paid, it says. Payroll2U will include a reconciliation and variance report so client companies can make the necessary references for checking.

Seeing work-life balance as an important philosophy, Payroll2U says it believes employee happiness matters the most. “To achieve this balance, Payroll2U invests in technology and automation so that employees do not waste time on repeated (and) unnecessary tasks,” Payroll2U explains. “We create a working environment that is flexible, fun and friendly so that the working place feels like home to them.”


The Beauty of our System:
HRIS and P2U Solutions

By Cherry Lou Juevesano

The daily traffic jam in the metropolis is truly beyond our control. So when commuting, we are maximizing the time with whatever we can during rush hour. This can include connecting with our family, friends, and – in some cases – colleagues. Often, we choose to work on the go and take advantage of any available time we have left to catch up on work, deliver deadlines, and pursue projects.

Communication has come a long way from delivering simple electronic messages. It may be a form of WebSMS or Email, though others mainly rely on SMS and Facebook Messenger. In this era of technology, businesses are taking advantage of Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) benefiting both management and employees. HRI systems are taking over most HR transactions that were once transactional and monotonous – everyday repetitive tasks of an HR person.


Having practiced HR for some time in varius industries, I have much to share. All different facets of HR boil down to the same practice and process. For example, we file everything for the purpose of having approved and complete timekeeping documentation. Hence, this may include leaves, overtime, undertime, out-of-office engagements, and constant shift changes. These manual transactions traditionally require unnecessary paperwork – processes that would require too many man-hours to update, process and approve. This is not to mention the tedious manual updating of employee rosters through a spreadsheet. Even though an HR person does all tracking and monitoring, this tedious part of manual transaction will always be prone to human error.

One perfect example of tedious manual transaction is traditional MS Excel-based filing of leaves. Working for a traditional company that still manually transacts leave documents, an employee will do these tedious steps. First, the employee seeks approval for a leave in advance, using some kind of leave template or form. The employee will then print out the document, to be signed by the immediate supervisor. The same printout of the leave form will be forwarded to HR personnel for monitoring and completion of timekeeping.

The process of printing the form to the time the document goes to HR runs 10 minutes to an hour. The longest is half a day. At the latest, the approved leave will be forwarded the following day. Sometimes, there is further delay in the cycle if the approving supervisor is unavailable. By then, HR personnel can update the employees’ official leave records – spending several more hours on this task alone.


Now, let me share some of my scenarios in using our HRIS–P2U system. When I was out of the office for a meeting, I easily applied for Official Business (OB) using my smartphone. When I’m sick and unable to work, I can always apply for leave at home using my personal mobile device. I can always attach a screenshot or image copy of the medical certificate using my phone. And how much time do I need to do that? One short minute!

Did I get your attention? Now, this is where I will brag about the beauty of using our P2U system. So this system is accessible using Internet or, in my case, thru my mobile device. Mind you, I consider this as my most useful work-related application in my phone.

I will try to impart the beauty of our system, as it mitigates the tedious tasks of filing leaves. Even if I am on vacation, at home, or stuck in monstrous traffic, I can do my work using my device. On top of it all, it is eco-friendly, error-free, and paperless!



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