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Practicode for Medical Coder Applicants

Experts consider Practicode the best tool for medical coders to gain real-world coding experience, from actual medical records redacted for HIPAA compliance.



Practicode a Good Evaluator
in Hiring of Coder Applicants


MANILA, 25 June 2018 — Experts consider Practicode as the best tool for medical coders to gain real-world coding experience.

The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) said Practicode employee assessments cover 20 real-world redacted medical cases for 13 different field specialties.

Medical specialties under Practicode include cardiology, dermatology, emergency department, ENT, family practice, gastroenterology, evaluation and management, general surgery, internal medicine, OB-GYN, orthopedic, and pediatrics.

Specifically, the tests are in compliance with the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Compliance and Practicode

During tests, Practicode takers code from hundreds of real medical records, redacted for HIPAA compliance. Moreover, they get immediate explanations on correct code assignments.

Simultaneously, they can gain experience faster than a one-year job, completing the program while training for coding certification exam. Hence, this will remove one of the two required years of apprentice designation in a Practicode taker’s credentials.

“Practicode will help you become a full credential holder faster than ever, separating you from the crowd of new coders,” AAPC said.

Your Own Pace and Space

In particular, the program encompasses three modules each containing 200 real-time redacted medical records. Test takers shall complete a 20-case assessment for each module, with a required proficiency of 70% or higher.

Upon successfully completing the test, passers get the necessary experience to work in the real medical coding world.

Benefits of Certification

With the added benefits of Practicode and AAPC certification, there is more value for employees with these credentials. The standard of proficiency and the additional skillset gives more confidence to the employment prospect.

Passers get improved earning potential, increased job mobility and opportunities, and more open doors for career advancement. After all, recognized credentials like AAPC represent the gold standard not just in coding in billing but also in auditing and compliance.


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