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Reasons Why You Should Join Our Online Job Fair

Find nationwide talents in just one place.

With the convenience of Online Job Fairs, companies can access the most qualified and interested candidates from varied places across the regions. It is not much unlike a one-stop virtual shop or e-commerce store. No inconvenience of hosting a venue or booking a large space to conduct an expensive fair. Therefore, companies get to focus more on the real job at hand: recruitment.

Reduce cost and time to hire.

Companies joining Online Job Fairs save more time and money. Hence, unlike those participating in physical or traditional career fairs. After all, they do not have to go renting equipment and a space or venue to showcase their marketing materials. No more booths, brochures, and the whole nine yards. Or spending on these printed materials in the first place. Online Job Fair participants are also able to conduct simultaneous interactions with job candidates. Therefore, all at the convenience and privacy of jobseekers’ own homes or office cubicles.

Promote your Employer brand.

By acknowledging the ease of access and convenience of jobseekers, companies participating in Online Job Fairs like those offered by WeRK.PH are able to enhance their corporate brand and reputation. Jobseekers realize that they can have the chance to directly talk to the company recruiter. Therefore, some just electronically send their resumé or CV online. However, they have no peace of mind that thee recruiter has opened or received their email message in the first place. With targeted recruitment solutions in Online Job Fairs, companies will be able to specifically target jobseekers who just happen to live nearby.

Tap into the pool of passive candidates.

There are active candidates seeking for jobs, and then there are the passive candidates. Candidates who may either be reserved or ashamed or feel awkward joining a traditional career fair at a public place may not have any inhibition participating in the private set-up of virtual career fair. This way, Online Job Fair “exhibitors” have a wider pool of prospects not normally accessible to a physical job fair., a multi-channel, multi-platform digital recruitment marketing solutions provider, is all set to conduct its 2017 Online Job Fair this October, which is expected to benefit forward thinking human resources departments and recruiters. Here are the top reasons why companies especially their HR or recruitment departments have to join our Online Job Fair.


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