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Filipino English proficiency

The Filipino Spoken and Written English – a Quick Analysis

Attributing to its rich colonial past, the Philippines has become on of the best non-native speakers of the English language. The presence of western culture is prevalent in the country, […]

English Proficiency

Analyzing the English Proficiency of Non-Native English Speakers

English proficiency is highly relevant in today’s world as it is the dominant business language and has become almost a requisite for people to speak English if they are to […]

Medical Coding Training

Your Options for Medical Coding Training

The Medical Coding profession is fast becoming the career of choice by Healthcare professionals. Aside from the monetary advantage, the opportunities are boundless. One needs to be a certified medical […]

What kind of leader are you?

You have been a supervisor for many years now and climbing up that ladder seems to be an illustrious dream. You, however, need to wake up because the corporate world […]

Medical Coders of TDS – Batch 4 2016

Career growth, career shift, and of course a greener pasture – these are among the reasons stated by the current batch of medical coding trainees when asked about why they […]

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