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How has the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak impacted industries globally, primarily in human capital and talent acquisition, IT and technology in general? Below are the latest news on the ongoing pandemic which we will update daily.

Top 10 Zoom Alternatives for Videoconferencing
22 April 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has irrevocably shifted the workforce, forcing many professionals to adapt to remote work.

Work-From-Home ETF Stock Index Coming Soon
22 April 2020

New York (CNN Business) - There's a good chance you're reading this story in your home office, given that the coronavirus pandemic has upended how (and where) millions of us are now working.

Florence: AI-Powered Learning for Nurses vs Covid-19
20 April 2020

The adaptive education program is now free for hospitals and medical professionals around the world.

Acing Candidate Interviews in a Socially Distant World
14 April 2020

While some companies rarely require onsite interviews due to security concerns, or because they are recruiting for remote positions.

Smart City Tech to Control Infectious Diseases, Outbreaks
1 April 2020

CEO of Smart City Works says location-tracking efforts like those used in South Korea, Singapore, and China may offer a solution, with privacy caveats.

Virtual Hiring, Avoiding Layoff as HR Pandemic Response
1 April 2020

In the face of a pandemic, many firms are trying to avoid layoffs and even hire. They are using virtual tools, including testing systems called virtual job tryouts, to select their potential new hires.

Language Assessment Tests, Talent Recruitment Strategy
26 March 2020

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, language skills assessment tests like Versant can help businesses continue their talent recruitment strategy amid travel disruption and health safety risks.

Mobile Operators to Share Crowd Movement Database
24 March 2020

Reports emerge of unprecedented cooperation between UK telcos and government to provide people-modelling data to prevent spread of coronavirus.

How HR can Manage Ever-Increasing Remote Workforce
24 March 2020

Gartner has prepared guidelines for handling a pandemic and HR officials discuss how they are coping with the shift away from the office.

Strong Telecommuting Policy as Corporate Hiring Strategy
24 March 2020

If your employees are asking about telecommuting to work, you may find that a telecommuting policy helps make things clear to them. Here's what you need to know.

How HR Leaders can Manage Covid-19 Talent Challenges
20 March 2020

Local and global decisions in relation to COVID-19 are disrupting business. LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook and Google are among high-profile employers who have cancelled in-person interviews and limited employee travel.

Enormous Stress Test for US Internet, Wireless Networks
18 March 2020

Washington, DC (CNN Business)The United States' internet and wireless networks are coming under immense pressure to deliver reliable connectivity as schools and businesses confronting the novel coronavirus have shifted their day-to-day operations.

Videoconferencing Tips for IT Leaders During Covid-19
17 March 2020

As more companies are replacing travel with videoconferencing due to the coronavirus, here's how to set the bar as a leader.

Work from Home: Better at Some Tasks, Worse in Others
13 March 2020

As companies around the world are forced to telecommute amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are grappling with the reality of working from home for extended periods of time.

Tips to be a Better Leader during Covid-19 Outbreak
11 March 2020

The coronavirus is causing uncertainty for people around the world. During a crisis, employees need effective leadership more than ever.

Planning VPN, Remote Access Strategy for Pandemic, Disaster
11 March 2020

Disasters and pandemics occur unexpectedly, affecting companies, workers and networks alike.

Virus Impact: Businesses Forced to Rely on Video Conferencing
10 March 2020

Companies are missing opportunities to connect on a more personal level with customers and partners as the coronavirus outbreak forces them to rely more heavily on video conferencing.

How to Manage Remote Project Teams During Outbreak
5 March 2020

The coronavirus is having a devastating impact around the world, and it is affecting how teams work and communicate. Here are three ways your project management office can help teams stay in sync.

Key Considerations in Managing Remote Project Teams
5 March 2020

The coronavirus is having a devastating impact around the world, and it is affecting how teams work and communicate.

Virus Negatively Impacting International Call Quality
3 March 2020

When entire regions are quarantined, home-bound people are overloading local switches, reducing international call quality and interrupting connectivity.

Latest Technology Conferences, Cancellations
28 February 2020

Thousands of tech conferences around the world have been canceled or turned into digital events.

Global Slowdown Capping 5G Smartphone Sales
26 February 2020

First half of 2020 will likely be much weaker than expected for the 5G smartphone market, but a strong bounce-back is possible in second half of the year if the coronavirus spread is brought under control.

Business Pandemic Plans Amid Coronavirus
12 February 2020

The coronavirus is making pandemic planning a business issue, once again. The last time businesses had to consider this problem was in 2009, with the H1N1 virus.

How Companies can Handle Employee Travel
12 February 2020

CDC defines exposure risk for airplane travelers, and firms encourage working from home for people who have been traveling in China.

How to Manage Employees Working from Home
12 February 2020

Coordinating with remote workers can be challenging, especially if you're not accustomed to it. Here are some best practices.


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