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Healthcare White Papers

Medical Coding Global Outlook 2025

Read more about our latest e-paper on the global outlook of medical coding until 2025.


The Case for a Career Shift to Healthcare BPO

Read more about the feasibility study on the promising Healthcare sector of the IT-BPM Industry.


Market Entry White Papers

Site Selection in the Age of Disruption

Even with the impacts of digital disruption in the 2017 Tholons index, the Philippines remains one of the top “digital nations leaders.” But with the threats of automation, the Philippines needs to have a sense of urgency to re-invent itself and its workforce.


Versant White Papers

2016 Global Report Philippines: Snapshot of English Proficiency

An analysis of the Philippines English proficiency vis a vis the global standards.

Versant for Universities and Colleges

Lean more on how Versant® can be an integral tool to improve English proficiency in the academe.

Versant for Schools

An analysis of both the student and educator's English proficiency can be efficiently assessed and thus paving the way for a pin point improvement in the curriculum.

Versant for Language Schools

Ensure your English training program stands out on speaking and writing skills by adding a robust, efficient language assessment.

There's a Smarter Way to Test Your Student's English Language Skills

Academic instruction partnered with a state-of-the-art technology in language assessment can produce quality demandable students ready for the corporate world.

Versant - English Language Assessment Solutions

Know more about the latest in assessment technology developed by Pearson - an international media company with businesses in education, strategic business information, international television production and consumer publishing.

Versant - Evidence for a remarkably reliable test

The Versant tests have helped corporations, government agencies, universities, and schools measure communication proficiency for screening, placement, and training purposes.

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