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The E-Learning Team of TDS Global Solutions designs and builds customized and industry-leading original content based on the specific training needs of clients. Powered by the Learning Management System (LMS) on TDSEL.COM, online course content is delivered anywhere, anytime and at the convenience of learners through desktop or mobile. The E-learning capability advantage also greatly enhances existing traditional training channels such as classroom training and coaching to complete the total package of a truly blended learning experience that fits right in with the preferences of today’s generation of learners.

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Facts & Information

The Facts & Information module of the Philippine Culture E-Learning course allows you to explore the rich culture and history of The Philippines through many lenses in a fun, gamified environment of discovery. Covered in this module are topics which include General Demographics, Mapping key locations in Philippine regions and islands, People, Religion, Basic Tagalog/Filipino Words, Money, Shopping, Dining/Nightlife, Transportation, Mobile Networks, Government, Popular Cultural and Historical Icons, Celebrities and Important People, as well as Tourist Destinations.


Labor Laws & Practices

The Labor Laws & Practices module of the Philippine Culture E-Learning course is a component learning that is essential to those who are new to doing business in the country or are expatriates who will be filling a position in the Executive Level, Management or Human Resources areas. The module introduces one to the current labor systems and codes that The Philippines has in place and the institutions that govern them. Also covered in this module is information on Holidays, Salaries and Bonuses, the different types of leaves and special HR-related circumstances that are delivered through engaging interactive scenarios and case studies.


BPO Operations Consulting

The Values & Culture component of the Philippines Culture E-Learning Course dives into self-discovery and appreciation of the cultural practices and moral values of Filipinos through comparing one’s own. The module delves into uniquely Filipino values such as “Hiya”, “Utang Na Loob” and “Amor Propio” to answer questions like “Why do Filipinos say ‘Yes’ when they mean ‘No’?”, “What topics are Filipinos comfortable talking about in the workplace?” and “Why do Filipinos laugh at a serious problem at hand?”

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