Global Outsourcing Solutions

TDS knows every call center/BPO in every geography very well, of every size throughout the world — small, medium and large. We can help you identify the ideal partner to succeed in your program, in the right geography, with the right expertise, at the right price. Our expertise will be a huge advantage to you.

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Rightshore outsourcing

We help your business find the best localities and countries with  the best combination of cost and efficiency, and with the most suitable workforce, regardless of location. Move your operations overseas or other cities/states while retaining core operations and processes at your local HQ. Get more cost-effective and high-quality services, better efficiency and productivity, and more satisfying customer experience.


Nearshore Outsourcing

Use TDS Global Solutions’ extensive network and deep industry experience in Central and Latin America to identify strategic outsourcing partners to help you achieve best cost-value solutions for your contact center operations.


Offshore Outsourcing

TDS Global Solutions has been operating in the Philippines for as long as it has hosted BPO operations. Whether you are outsourcing for the first time, or thinking about establishing your own operations, TDS can provide full end-to-end solutions and support to achieve your business goals.


Vendor Management

Our vendor management solutions have been developed to take the pain out of managing operations remotely and give you dedicated, real-time, on the ground support from experienced industry specialists committed to achieving your performance goals at a fraction of your current costs.


BPO Consulting

TDS Global Solutions’ impressive panel of industry experts puts subject matter expertise in all aspects of outsourced operations within easy reach of BPO companies, whether starting out or well-established pioneers.

Whether you are outsourcing or offshoring for the first time, or looking to establish your own operations, TDS Global Solutions can provide full end-to-end business support. From market analysis and business case preparation, vendor RFI and selection, strategic planning and business incorporation, all the way through to full implementation, project management, recruitment and training, managed services and more.

TDS Global Solutions has a proud record of supporting clients in building sustainable talent strategies, driving employee engagement and ensuring they remain competitive through customized compensation and benefits benchmarking studies, competitor analysis, best in class HR policies and procedures, and strategic planning.

Your people are only as good as the results they achieve and TDS Global Solutions works closely with many organizations to identify and address performance issues, improve productivity, drive efficiency, manage risk and—most importantly—enhance profitability.

Call Center Training

Take advantage of TDS Global Solutions extensive call center industry knowledge to provide your agents a comprehensive learning experience focusing on customer service skills.

For complete training list, click here.

For complete training list, click here.


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