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With businesses adapting to increasing globalization, professionalization and adoption of new technology, Smart Spark by TDS Global Solutions is created to bring together the powerful capabilities of each into a single, focused business dedicated to providing integrated information management and learning advice and expertise for successful learning and lasting productivity in the workforce.

Smart Spark starts strong by bringing you innovative models of engagement, intensive technology adoption, and creative business models. Our intent is to bring dimensional changes in the way training industry operates in a game changing manner - combining modern theory, solutions, and new ways of learning with a delivery style enabling delegates to take fun, interactive role in their learning engagement.

Our business training courses combine modern theory delivered with a variety of methods, with course content continually updated by experience gained from course feedback received from our clients and associates enabling us to keep the training courses modern, vibrant and representative of best practise throughout industry.

We have partnered with numerous multi-national corporations with success, and we continue to innovate to meet company demands.

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Smart Spark Catalysts do one thing and they do it well – They IGNITE the motivation fuel and learning practice in the student's mindset to GENERATE the POWER that moves the learning focus and results down the road.


Class Schedules

Leadership Training- Business Communication
June 17, 19, 21 2019

A company needs to be efficient and productive. This comes about by working in harmony, in a trustful, motivated ,cooperative environment. This course, which is interactive, instructs managers, leaders and supervisors how best to work with employees, peers and superiors to build a high trust, motivated, productive environment where openness generates innovation and self-driven work teams. A great manager works with all the variances to bring an organisation together as a well-oiled machine.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Key functions of managers:
1. Learn the few key result areas for managers to be the most effective and productive.
2. Importance of communication skills with others. Peers and subordinates..

Module 2: How Excellent Leaders Lead.
1. Understand where others are coming from.
2. Be aware of your own personality style.
3. Best way to delegate decisions, Who to and in what circumstances.

Module 3: A Great place to work.
1. Openness and honesty and a high trust environment are the key to a great workplace.
2. Learn the most important ideas ever to create a high trust environment.

Module 4: Communicate with power.
1. Communicating well with work  colleges and building rapport with team members is the key to success.
2. Information is free flowing up and down the organisation and ensures no hidden agendas.
3. People want you to succeed.

Module 5: Building peak performing teams.
1. All work is done by teams.
2. Learn how to get the very best out of your team and out of each person on that team.

Module 6: The Manager Coach and Confidant
1. Employees cannot grow without honest objective feedback and instruction from someone who they trust and who can look at their performance objectively
2. Motivates and helps people grow in their role.

Module 7: Meeting management magic
The meeting is an essential tool of management.
1. Learn how to be far more effective in every meeting that you hold.
2. Performing well in team meetings gains respect and authority.
3.Communicate more efficiently and don’t waste participants time.

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