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Companies like TeleDevelopment can help you enhance your LinkedIn presence and raise your employer and talent branding profiles.


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MANILA, 20 July 2018 — Last year, we discussed how marketing and employer branding would mix well to enhance talent branding. As defined, it is how employees think, feel, and share about their company as the best place to work with. We stated how it is more than just value-added but rather value-multiplied employee proposition.

In fact, four in 10 applicants will more likely apply for a company familiar to them, according to Glassdoor data. Meanwhile, three out of four recruiters believe their work becomes easier if their company is a famous brand. For employers themselves, nine in 10 believe having a strong, recognizable brand is important to attracting top talent.

According to LinkedIn, a strong talent brand actually helps companies reduce cost per hire by half. Having such a strong brand even lowers turnover rates by more than a quarter of the cost.

Enhancing your Talent Brand

So what do your prospect talents and candidates find when they do an online search of your company? Does your company know the sentiments of your present and former employees in online chatrooms and social media platforms?

Companies like TeleDevelopment can help you enhance your LinkedIn presence and raise your employer and talent branding profiles. Hence, you can help make employees become more engaged, turning them as your very own brand ambassadors.

At the end of the day, your company talent brand will now be a combination of human resources and talent acquisition, marketing and communications, and information technology support.

You can then increase the number of your employees having LinkedIn profiles, and aggregate the number of their LinkedIn connections. In fact, their profiles and interactions via LinkedIn can simultaneously reinforce your talent brand.

Talent Branding Strategy

Make a step or two backwards, then you can review your recruitment process from the get-go. Take stock of all your reading materials – digital, online, social media, and traditional print. Please note: These are the materials your company usually distributes in events and job fairs.

After absorbing the online buzz and chatter about your company, learn to drive the digital discussion forward in your favor. You can address these matters based on sample survey questions for your current employees and passive candidates.

In particular, you must learn the most important values that your employees look for in their jobs. From these values, what does your company have or do not have? Moreover, learn what originally attracted your employees to join you, and if their expectations have been met or not.

Additionally, know about their favorite testimonials about working in your company. Lastly, ensure how likely they would recommend your company to others as an employer of choice.

Passive Candidates

For passive candidates, know firsthand what companies come to their minds that would hire them with their skill sets. Then ask them regarding their familiarity and overall impression with your company as a place to work for.

Will they likely want to work with your company? And same with your employees, ask them about their most important work values. Find out if they believe, or not, if your company can do a good job in delivering these values.

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