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Talent Branding with Workplace ‘Ambassadors’

A right workplace environment bodes well for an effective talent branding strategy. Indeed, use talents within your team, turning them as workplace “ambassadors.”


Promoting your Talent Branding
with Workplace ‘Ambassadors’


MANILA, 30 July 2018 — The best way to promote your corporate talent brand is to tap your very own employees and their networks.

In fact, talented employees know other talented individuals who can be a great fit for your company. You can then encourage and enable them to share job postings with their respective social networks.

Besides, people are more likely to respond to a job listing that their own friend earlier forwarded.

Almost half of recruiters and hiring managers have said referrals remain the top source for quality talent, according to a Jobvite social recruiting poll. Next to referrals, internal hires and social or professional networks follow.

Workplace Branding Strategy

In a Quora thread, Recruiterly explains how companies can build an effective recruitment branding and talent branding strategy.

Specifically, recruitment branding is the image your company projects to potential new applicants. On the other hand, talent branding is the image you have with former and current employees.

It will be easier for you to appropriately tailor your strategy by being more specific about the kind of talents you wish to attract.

Right Workplace Environment

To get the best talents, your company needs to create a working environment that reflects the current values your business. This way, you get to attract a steady stream of new talents when they are most needed.

Having the right workplace environment also bodes well for an effective talent branding strategy. Then make use of the talents existing within your team, and turn them as your workplace “ambassadors.”

Your workers would see you a lot more positively, when you are seriously considering such workplace conditions. Hence, they will see how much you value them like family.

As much as this is already great when you reinforce your talent branding, this will further enforce your recruitment branding efforts.

Golden Rules to Promote Talent Brand

LinkedIn specifically shares some golden rules in promoting and protecting your talent brand.

  • Look in the mirror. Make sure that what you do (and don’t do) is what you’d like employees to emulate.
  • Empower your employees. Lay out the goals and show them a clear, easy path to action.
  • Inform your leadership. Use data to gain support, ease concerns, and help explain your choice of platforms.
  • Target your messages. The more relevant your message is to a particular audience, the greater its impact will be.
  • Make your culture shine. It’s never just about jobs. Focus on your people – their stories and emotions.
  • Go viral. For amplified results, find creative ways to get more people talking about your company’s great culture.
  • Be visual. Bold and colorful images, graphics, charts, and videos can bring your brand to life.
  • Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Show that your efforts are scalable and sustainable on one platform before moving on to another.


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