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Targeting Talent with Employer Branding

Talent-Employer Branding

Having good employer branding does wonders, when you are able to market your business to your desired jobseekers, exemplifying what sets your company apart.


Targeting Talent with
Employer Branding and
the Recruitment Funnel



MANILA, 12 February 2020 — Does your target talent have a clear idea of what you do? Or are your job candidates vague or clueless on what your business really does, for you to become their employer of choice? If they already know about your company, or are even vaguely familiar with it, is it really the top employment choice of your target talent?

And do they even know that your business is not just into that particular industry wherein people have associated you for long, that you had diversified to other industries and services? Do they think that your company is still into the insurance business, for example, when you have already expanded to financial technology and digital banking?

That, in fact, is the power of employer branding. It is how your business is able to effortlessly convert job candidates not just from being aware of what you do or who you are. Rather, it is how you convert your target talent to consider working (or even desiring to work) for you. Finally, would they even apply for you?

Employer Branding Challenge

In order to complete the employer branding challenge, determine first where your prospects currently are in the recruitment funnel. Where in the different stages of this funnel is your business losing professionals or experts?

Employer branding is when your business is able to attract potential candidates to consider applying for your job roles. Among the jobseeker awareness-to-conversion factors related to your business include: 1) inaccurate perceptions; 2) lack of understanding about the wide expanse of the roles and opportunities you offer; and 3) lack of knowledge regarding what you offer, including your unique office culture and employment experience (not just the benefits).

You know your employer branding works when, in the end, your prospects accept your employer value proposition. This then enables you to easily connect with your future workforce, capturing your talent of choice as they themselves make you their top employer of choice.

Employee Engagement

Having good employer branding can do wonders, when you are able to market your business to your desired job seekers, exemplifying what sets your company apart. Having a great culture and working environment will further boost your recruitment efforts, employee engagement and retention.

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