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4 Skills Test Vital in Hiring Process

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Need tips on how your business can easily and quickly identify qualified job applicants? Hiring the right employee enhances your work culture and pays you back a thousand times over. We can help you find candidates with the right level of English language skills to succeed in today’s business environment.

With the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test, you can rest assured there will be quicker and more reliable results. Its “bullet-proof automatic scoring” is virtually indistinguishable from human scorers, using patented speech and text processing technology.

Assessing all four English language skills during the hiring process is important. So this is where Versant’s newest 4 Skills iteration for corporate clients comes in. After all, the cost of hiring someone not suitable for a job position – the poor hire – has become mathematically quantifiable.

The Versant 4 Skills Essential Test assesses the four language skills of speaking and writing (productive skills) as well as listening and reading (receptive skills). This 30-minute web-delivered test is the ideal solution for companies that need quick and reliable results.

Cost of Poor Hire Now Quantifiable

As the cost of a poor hire can now be quantified, the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test can now address – and correct – the issue of incorrect language screening process.

Therefore, taking the monetary costs into account, research studies indicate that a poor hire can cost up to five (5) times an employee’s annual salary.

Other expenses may include recruitment costs and staff time, training fees for replacement hires, and negative impact on team performance. Others include delayed projects and lost customers, outplacement services and litigation fees. Moreover, another consequence would be a possibly weakened company brand.

4 Skills: Inextricably intertwined

More job roles require English communication skills than ever before. Hence, in every professional corner, an increasing number of employees must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend spoken English.

For some roles, the demand for well-rounded communication skill is driven by one significant need. This is the need to communicate via different channels every day, including telephone and cellular phone, email and video conference.

Some jobs might only require testing in one or two skills. But assessments measuring English ability in a variety of contexts will be in demand. And they will continue to define future communications requirements.

Smaller Talent Pool

By not leveraging on the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test, a company may be losing out on one vital thing. A company looking to hire the best person may possibly miss out on the good candidates. After all, some if not most English language assessments only identify the highest performers.

The effect of this is that the recruiter may be left with a smaller talent pool to choose from or work with. Consequently, this has a direct impact on the recruitment process, as the company may be missing out on the most suitable candidates. These candidates could have had more rooms for improvement with a little bit of training and development.

Pearson earlier developed the Versant 4 Skills Essential Test in July 2017. The test aims to help organizations in easily and quickly identifying qualified job applicants. It said candidates must have the right level of English language skills to succeed in today’s business environment.

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Automated Language Tests

Versant’s automated language tests use Artificial Intelligence to efficiently and accurately assess language proficiency. The speaking tests employ speech processing technology to evaluate the content and manner of speech. This is against sophisticated statistical models built by analyzing the varied rhythms and pronunciations of both native and non-native speakers.

The writing tests use the Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ (KAT) engine and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) to generate semantic similarity of words and passages by analyzing large bodies of relevant text. LSA can then understand the meaning of the text in the same way a human reader does.

Businesses and educational organizations use Pearson’s tests worldwide to measure language skill efficiently and accurately. Also, it includes spoken tests for Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, French, and Mandarin. Tests are also available for young learners. These tests put the test taker first by offering a fair and convenient way to track progress and measure language learning  outcomes.


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