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Call Center
Outsourcing Services

With more than 30 years of business process outsourcing (BPO) experience, it’s safe to say that we’ve learned the tricks of the trade. We specialize in building relationships with the best call center service partners around the globe, and matching your organizational needs to the most qualified outsourced solution.

Contact Center Outsourcing Services

TDS Global Solutions has over 30 years of contact center outsourcing and BPO outsourcing experience. We specialize in matching your organization with the most qualified outsourced solutions.

Vendor Selection

Our call center service partners protect your brand and drive customer experience.

We’ve spent thousands of hours screening nearshore, offshore, and domestic-based outsourced providers to build a knowledge base of who's who based on vertical expertise, management strength, quality operating practices, price, and much more.

With all of this data, we’re able to match your business needs with expert service providers who have proven experience in maintaining customer satisfaction. The end result? Your processes are handled, your customer relationships are maintained, and your bottom line looks better than ever.

Pros & Cons of Outsourced Call Center Services

Outsourcing customer service to a specialized call center offers numerous advantages. By partnering with experts, businesses can enhance customer engagement and retention through dedicated support teams.

Outsourced call centers can efficiently handle high call volumes and address customer queries effectively. Multilingual agents can offer customer support in several languages, and nearly all of our partners overseas earn top marks in American English fluency.

Moreover, the cost advantage of finding an expert partner at a lower price than local alternatives allows businesses to optimize their bottom line while maintaining top-notch customer service quality.

Access the Top Call Center Service Providers Worldwide

With TDSGS, you gain access to expertise from the top call center service providers around the world. With 30+ years of experience in building relationships with outsourcing companies around the world, we can find the right match for any business need.

Our call center and BPO contacts take pride in their work, addressing your and your customers’ needs with confidence and kindness. They use cutting-edge call center software and automation processes to keep tasks organized, allowing them to spend more time on the phone working for you. Quality assurance measures and metrics-based insights help to make sure your outsourced partners are meeting or exceeding your goals.

Call Center Outsourcing Costs

Call center outsourcing costs can vary based on factors such as whether you select an onshore or offshore call center partner, and the scope of work to be outsourced. Offshore call centers often offer lower pricing, but may not be as easily reached during your company’s standard business hours.

When working with TDSGS to find your ideal outsourcing partner, there are little to no fees involved on your end. Our fees are generally paid by the referral agreements with the partner you select.

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BPO and Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

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Our Process

Needs Analysis
and Profile
Develop a deep understanding and creation of a blueprint of your company's outsourced requirements.
Outsourced Vendor
RFP Process
Create an RFP specific to your company’s requirements and then leverage our extensive BPO database to shortlist the call centers that best meet the specifications.
Outsource Vendor Evaluation
We validate best fit call centers and provide a set of specific outsourcing options and their related benefits.
Outsource Vendor Selection
We help facilitate and simplify the selection, coordination, and contract negotiations.

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