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With more than 30 years of business process outsourcing (BPO) experience, it’s safe to say that we’ve learned the tricks of the trade. We specialize in building relationships with the best call center service partners around the globe, and matching your organizational needs to the most qualified outsourced solution.

Contact Center Outsourcing Services

TDS Global Solutions has over 30 years of contact center outsourcing and BPO outsourcing experience. We specialize in matching your organization with the most qualified outsourced solutions.

Vendor Selection

Our call center service partners protect your brand and drive customer experience.

We’ve spent thousands of hours screening nearshore, offshore, and domestic-based outsourced providers to build a knowledge base of who's who based on vertical expertise, management strength, quality operating practices, price, and much more.

With all of this data, we’re able to match your company needs with expert service providers who have proven experience in maintaining customer satisfaction. The end result? Your processes are handled, your customers are happy, and your bottom line is looking better than ever.

Benefits of Working with a Call Center Consultant

Deciding where to outsource work is a major decision. Leverage our experience to confidently find the right partner, with the right skillset, at the right price.
Have all of your BPO services handled by highly educated and experienced industry veterans, without having to worry about staffing or retention.
There are little to no fees to use our outsource advisory services. Our fees are generally paid by the referral agreements with the partner you select.

Get detailed insight and access
to our global contact center network

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Solutions for Your Call Center and BPO Needs

Supporting a variety of industries

Our Process

Needs Analysis
and Profile
Develop a deep understanding and creation of a blueprint of your company's outsourced requirements.
Outsourced Vendor
RFP Process
Create an RFP specific to your company’s requirements and then leverage our extensive BPO database to shortlist the contact centers that best meet the specifications.
Outsource Vendor Evaluation
We validate best fit contact centers and provide a set of specific outsourcing options and their related benefits.
Outsource Vendor Selection
We help facilitate and simplify the selection, coordination, and contract negotiations.

Find the Right Outsource Location for Your Business

Call Center Consulting Services FAQ

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What is call center outsourcing?

Call center outsourcing is a type of service where businesses or corporations contract a third-party source to handle certain interactions with customers or clients. Call center services are frequently provided via phone calls, but can be omnichannel across various telecom and digital media platforms. Agents follow identified processes that you provide and take meticulous notes of their progress, often within your own CRM, so that you can track work completion and results in real time.

What services do BPO and call center consultants provide?

The business process outsourcing services provided by call centers can range in terms of form and function.

Inbound call center services are provided when customers contact your company themselves to request customer service. Inbound support services focus on placing a team of agents to answer customers’ incoming calls and assist with appointment setting, booking reservations, and help desk or tech support.

Outbound call center services require agents to initiate contact with potential customers, established leads, and existing customers. Outbound call services include lead generation, conducting market research, cold-calling, appointment setting, and telesales/telemarketing processes.

All call center agents can provide multichannel support, with live agents available to assist your customers via phone, email, social media, webchat, text message/SMS and more. Bilingual services are also available from native speakers, helping to break down cultural and communication barriers while providing the best possible customer support.

What type and size of companies benefit most from BPO?

Companies of all sizes and from all industries have something to gain from partnering with an outsourced call center company. Firms from all spaces—including software & technology, hospitality, real estate, travel & tourism, healthcare, e-commerce, and more—have implemented contact center solutions successfully.

Startups and small businesses can immediately position themselves as larger companies by implementing a virtual receptionist that screens voicemails, takes caller details and provides basic customer care, and forwards calls and messages to the full-time staff—all at a lower cost than hiring a single receptionist.

Large companies, meanwhile, can outsource a range of time-consuming back office tasks, freeing them up to hire experts that can handle the more intensive day-to-day tasks.

What are some locations where you can outsource call center services?

While call center outsourcing is popular around the world, some specific countries that offer services include the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Colombia, South Africa, Spain, and even the USA.

How much do contact center outsourcing services cost?

Contact center outsourcing costs can range due to many different factors, but it’s important to note that in the vast majority of cases, outsourcing your business processes is significantly more cost-effective than handling them in-house.

For a comprehensive plan on how call center outsourcing services can assist your business, or to identify the call center solutions that are best for you, fill out this form or call us at (888) 788-4441.

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