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Outbound Call Center Services

Over the years, outbound call center outsourcing has proven itself as a cost-effective option for upselling existing customers and driving engagements. Our partners’ outbound call center agents are skilled in building rapport, managing customer satisfaction, and always maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Drive customer engagement while reducing cost

In a perfect world, you would contact your customers frequently to upsell and promote cross-selling initiatives. Or maybe you’d simply want to reach out to maintain relationships and reduce customer churn. Unfortunately, the prohibitive cost of an in-house team can make outreach goals hard to realize.

That’s where outbound business process outsourcing (BPO) comes in. With an outsourced outbound sales team, you can start accessing the untapped revenue streams of new, existing, and potential customers that are just waiting to hear about your new initiatives.

100% compliance with legal and statutory call requirements

Avoid legal trouble and costly fines with an outbound calling partner that stays within all legal and statutory call requirements at all times. Our outbound calling service partners are experts in call timing, data security, and healthcare/HIPAA requirements. TDS Global Solutions allows you to do more than simply outsource your BPO efforts—our partners provide peace of mind, too.

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Outbound Call Center FAQ

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What is outbound outsourcing?

Outbound call centers staff teams of live agents to reach out to existing, new, or potential customers. They frequently use dialing software to automatically place outgoing calls.

Some business strategies prefer telemarketing to ‘warm’ clients who have already indicated some interest in their product or service. Others find success sourcing new customers via cold-calling. Either way, outsourcing services usually boost customer satisfaction ratings by genuinely asking about the callers’ interests and naturally guiding them to your solutions.

By contrast, inbound call centers tend to handle incoming call center support efforts, often in areas such as e-commerce, customer support, and technical support.

What outbound call center services are available?

Outbound call center services often focus on marketing and outbound sales, with specific tasks often focusing on B2B lead generation, B2B appointment setting, telesales, marketing research, lead qualification, and general outreach.

In addition, call center agents can also be cross-trained to provide customer support services, which is ideal when reaching out to existing customers.

How does lead generation work with outbound calling?

Your team of outbound sales reps will work within their call center software, which has CRM integrations, to connect with your existing processes. They may work on lead qualification, simply confirming contact information and phone numbers so that your more experienced sales team can work from a list of vetted potential customers.

Alternatively, you may bring on a team of outbound sales reps who work from a list of provided contacts, dialing and initiating phone calls to promote products to new customers or engage existing ones.

What are the advantages of outsourcing business processes to an outbound calling center?

Outbound call center agents can quickly take over your outreach and sales processes, providing quick results at a much lower cost than handling efforts in-house.

Seamless integration: Outsourced call center team members can join your sales calls to stay up to date on current goals, and reps will work within your CRM software to keep notes and metrics on all outreach efforts in one place.

Cost-effective & efficient staffing: Outbound calling is an easy task to outsource while maintaining high-quality work.

Enhanced customer experience: Equip your outsourcing partners with tools like scripts and company culture trainings, and they’ll be able to provide patient customer service that leads to positive interactions and increased retention rates.

How do I find the best outbound call center?

It’s important to find the right outbound call center solution for your business, and the best way to do that is to work with experts who know the industry. TDSGS only partners with high-quality outsourcing partners that easily merge with your current customer service teams (or your team goals).

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