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Call Center Outsourcing for Tech Companies

Your tech company is growing. We have the experience and network to find the people, fill the gaps, and scale faster.

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Scale Faster

Whether it’s rapid customer growth or entering new markets—we have the network of call centers to help you scale.

And we help you find the right people and place to solve your growing challenge. When it comes to “speaking like a local,” we have you covered. Our partners and agents undergo language skills assessments to make sure your customers get their problem solved, clearly.

Tier 1 Technical Support

Leverage a highly trained, cost-effective, team to handle those tier 1 support calls. Our partners take the load off your CS team by fielding the easy calls so your team can stay focused on solving the in-depth technical questions

Cut Wait Times

Dealing with technical issues is frustrating. What’s worse? Waiting on hold. As your tech company grows, so does volume of support calls. We have the flexibility to scale with your company. That means less waiting and happy customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Call Center

Increase first call resolution (FCR) outcomes. Field more calls. Create happier customers.

Direct first calls to an outsourced team. Our agents will quickly identify and resolve basic issues—leaving your team to handle the complex calls

A partner who knows the lay of the land. For 20+ years, we’ve been matching companies up with a network of call centers with sustained success.

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Solutions for Your Contact Center and BPO Needs

Our Process

Needs Analysis
and Profile
Develop a deep understanding and creation of a blueprint of your company's outsourced requirements.
Outsourced Vendor
RFP Process
Create an RFP specific to your company’s requirements and then leverage our extensive BPO database to shortlist the contact centers that best meet the specifications.
Outsource Vendor Evaluation
We validate best fit contact centers and provide a set of specific outsourcing options and their related benefits.
Outsource Vendor Selection
We help facilitate and simplify the selection, coordination, and contract negotiations.

Find the Right Outsource Location for Your Business

Technology Call Center Outsourcing FAQ

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How can outsourcing technical support save money and improve customer service?

Outsourcing tech support saves money by utilizing labor from countries with a lower cost of living. Because many of these countries have extensive experience running call centers, the company outsourcing work receives highly experienced agents at a fraction of a local agent’s cost.

How are technology call center agents trained?

Proper call center agent training begins by putting all agents through a language skills assessment. This ensures agents can not only speak the required language fluently but can communicate with minimal accent to ensure the caller can clearly understand the agent. 

In addition, all agents working for your company undergo training and onboarding catered specifically to your product or service. This enables agents to handle all tier 1 support questions without involving your team.

How can outsourcing your call center services increase your tech company’s sales leads?

Outsourcing parts of your sales function enables your high value, high skill sales team to focus on qualified leads. Instead of having your sales team making 60-100 calls per day on unqualified leads, your account executives are able to focus their time on performing demos, working large accounts, or prospecting top tier leads.

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