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Call Center
Outsourcing for Telecommunications Companies

Your customers rely on your next-generation technology—and they need 24/7 technical support and customer service that can keep up. Lucky for you, our trusted call center service providers are professional, informed, and eager to get to work.

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Handle High Call Volume with Ease

Varying inbound call volumes present a hiring challenge for in-house call centers. But by outsourcing call center operations, your partners can bring in as many—or as few—agents are needed on any given day, so call volumes and seasonal shifts are never an issue.

The benefit? Your customers enjoy lower wait times no matter when they call throughout the day, week, month, or year—leading to a better customer experience and improved customer relationships.

Improved Customer Retention

Our call center solutions can operate anytime you need them, with 24/7 availability every day of the year. Around-the-clock call center services allow customers to reach you on their timetable. The additional staffing that comes from call center outsourcing will also improve your hold times and your customer interactions. Better customer support lowers your churn, leading to improved customer retention, and boosting your brand reputation.

Increased Up-Selling Opportunities

Outsourcing your call center operations will ensure you have adequate staff to prevent call center agents from becoming rushed with too many phone calls. They’ll have more time for telesales, and more opportunities to upsell and cross-sell callers. Instead of simply addressing a caller’s immediate need and rushing on to the next call to keep waiting times down, call center agents can take their time, introduce complementary products and services, and suggest callers add on to their existing package for an even better experience. In this way, call center outsourcing services can significantly increase your revenues.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Telecommunications Contact Center

Provide stellar customer support at an incredibly cost-effective price. Only hire qualified agents with the right experience, and only when you need them.

Increase customer retention with top-tier support services. Satisfied customers share their experience with friends and on social media, helping to drive down future customer acquisition costs.

Don’t just stop at incoming call center services. Our partners can make outgoing calls, provide billing support, and handle help desk and tech support, all while working within your own CRM.

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Telecommunications Call Center Outsourcing FAQ

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How can call center outsourcing help a telecommunications company improve customer service?

Call center outsourcing can improve customer care through better technology that automates the process. Outsourcing companies provide more than just an answering service. They also can communicate with customers across several communications channels, including chatbots, phone, or online chat. Customers have come to expect an omnichannel approach and offering customers various real-time support options will improve the customer experience. Outsourcing also improves staffing, which means callers will experience shorter hold times.

Can an outsourced contact center handle large call volumes?

Yes. Call centers can provide staffing as needed to handle increased call volumes. BPO companies can provide this additional staffing when metrics demonstrate you need it, then divert it to other companies when your need declines. You’ll only have to pay for the staffing during the time you actually used it.

Call centers also use automation, such as IVR, that resolves many calls without the need for an agent.

How does outsourcing call center services increase upsell opportunities for telecom companies?

Our service provider outsourcing partners can structure outbound calls to take advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. They also can do prospecting and lead generation. Adequate staffing for inbound calls means that agents will be able to suggest additional purchases to these customers as well.

Does outsourcing call center services reduce hold times?

Yes, outsourcing reduces hold times in several ways. The first is that business process outsourcing allows you to scale your operations as needed. If more customers are calling, the provider can shift agents to handle more phone calls. The second way is through using automation to resolve some issues without the need for an agent.

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