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Dominican Republic Call Center Outsourcing

Save up to 50% on costs by outsourcing your call center services to the Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic Call Center
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Dominican Republic Call Centers - About This Growing Industry

In the Dominican Republic, call centers are not just thriving, but are actually responsible for 40% of the local economy’s overall revenue. Thanks to strong infrastructure, a talented multilingual workforce, and an optimal cost structure, the DR makes an excellent location for business process outsourcing (BPO).

Why do companies outsource call center operations to the Dominican Republic?

Labor Pool

  • Large, learned English-speaking talent pool
  • Cheap labor costs – about 50% lower than the US
  • Excellent government support for job creation through international investments
  • Vast outbound and inbound expertise, including customer care, healthcare, and financial services.

Business Climate

  • As part of the developed world, it has a strong business climate, financial apparatus, and FSS market
  • Similar work ethic to the US, with an understanding of our culture
  • Many speak English as a native or first language
  • The call center industry is the second largest in growth next to tourism


  • Affordable high-speed internet access
  • Rated #1 for transport infrastructure in Central America by the Global Competitiveness Report 2019
  • Excellent telecommunications infrastructure designed for handling busy call centers
  • Top-rated security infrastructure to protect clients’ information


  • Stable and supportive government without political unrest
  • Low cost and high standard of living
  • Comfortable time zone, sharing the same as the eastern US
  • Easy access from the United States with only a 2-3 hour flight from the east coast

US Companies With Call Centers In Dominican Republic

Boeing Corporation
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Statistics About the Dominican Republic


10.97 million

Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)

15.89% unemployment


$85.630 billion USD

Working Age Population (15-64)

4.63 million

Business Language(s)

English and Spanish

Call Center Industry Growth Rate

25% average yearly growth

Statistics About the Dominican Republic

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How TDSGS Finds Ideal-Match Outsourcing Partners in Dominican Republic

Statistics About the Dominican Republic

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Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)
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Working Age Population (15-64)
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Business Language(s)
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Call Center Industry Growth Rate
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Call Center Dominican Republic: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are most call centers in the Dominican Republic located?

With almost three million residents, the capital city of Santo Domingo is where you’ll find most of the DR’s call centers. It’s the largest city in the Caribbean and one of the most diverse as well. Here, you’ll find plenty of well-educated individuals who speak English, Spanish, and other European languages fluently.

How much does it cost to outsource a call center to the Dominican Republic?

You'll have access to skilled, trained agents in the Dominican Republic at about half the cost of the US equivalent. Dominican Republic call centers agents make about $14 hourly, as opposed to the average US rate of $24-$28 an hour.

Why do so many companies in the US outsource their support teams to the Dominican Republic?

Many US companies outsource their call center support teams to the Dominican Republic because of its large volume of skilled, English-speaking agents, business incentives, and solid, supporting infrastructure.

The country's BPO industry continues to see a 25% growth rate year over year. Businesses benefit by getting the same value as a US call center, at a fraction of the cost, and while creating thousands of jobs in the DR.

What are the cost savings for US companies outsourcing call centers to the Dominican Republic?

The reduced cost of labor is where US companies save the most. However, cost savings are also found in the support services for workers — like training, hiring, and recruiting.

TDS Global Solutions helps businesses save up to 50% while streamlining the entire process of launching a call center in the Dominican Republic.

What are the advantages of outsourcing call center services to the Dominican Republic?

Companies outsourcing call center services to the Dominican Republic experience a higher return on investment due to the major cost savings, as well as higher customer satisfaction. The country boasts a highly-skilled, multilingual labor force, trained in customer service experience, quality assurance, and customer support.

The DR also has a strong cultural attachment to the United States, with many having previously lived in or visited the country.

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