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Call Center Outsourcing to Argentina

Save over 50% on costs by outsourcing your call center services to Argentina

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Argentina Call Center
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Argentina Call Centers - About This Growing Industry

Many companies that want to cut costs while improving their customer experience are looking to Argentina to outsource their call centers. With Argentina’s well-educated workforce, significant bilingual population, and government investment in the BPO industry, this South American country is thriving as a top choice for high-performing companies worldwide.

Why do companies outsource call center operations to Argentina?

Labor Pool

  • Very skilled workforce, notably in telemarketing, financial services, and other common call center roles
  • Labor costs are typically 50% less than that of the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia 
  • Cultural similarities between Argentina’s talent pool and the United States workforce
  • Millions of students graduate from Argentina’s school systems every year, contributing to a large, well-educated labor pool

Business Climate

  • Promotion of foreign investment and job creation to stimulate and improve the region’s economy
  • Trade agreements and incentives by the government to increase profitability and decrease taxes
  • One of the largest economies in Latin America
  • The legal framework for foreign companies doing business in Argentina is the same as that of local companies


  • The telecommunications market is the 3rd largest out of the Latin American countries
  • Recipient of over $450 million in foreign investment for highway infrastructure
  • Strong communication networks, including mobile phones, fax machines, personal computers, and Internet connections for the call center industry
  • Extensive public transportation system, including subways and buses, connecting the major cities


  • In Argentina, there are low levels of worker attrition of only 25 percent, which is much lower than in other nations, such as India
  • 8th largest country in the world, geographically speaking
  • Buenos Aires is the national capital and one of the busiest, most cosmopolitan cities in all of South America
  • Argentinians are known to be warm, welcoming, friendly, and generous

US Companies With Call Centers In Argentina

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Statistics About Argentina


45.74 million

Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)

25.97% as of 2019


$383.1 billion USD as of 2020

Working Age Population (15-64)

25.41 million as of 2020

Business Language(s)

English and Spanish

Call Center Industry Growth Rate

Expected CAGR of 28.8% during the years 2019-2024

Statistics About Argentina

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How TDSGS Finds Ideal-Match Outsourcing Partners in Argentina

Statistics About Argentina

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Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)
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Working Age Population (15-64)
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Business Language(s)
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Call Center Industry Growth Rate
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Call Center Argentina: Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do US companies outsource call centers to Argentina?

There are multiple reasons why companies located in the United States outsource their contact center solutions to Argentina. Some of those include:

  • Highly skilled workforce 
  • Solid infrastructure
  • Travel and tax incentives
  • Strong language skills and bilingual abilities within the call center workforce
  • Great cost-saving capabilities and higher profitability
  • A large talent pool of young, creative, and highly educated individuals
  • Cultural similarities between US and Argentina

Where are most call centers in Argentina located?

Call centers can be found across much of Argentina, including in:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Ramos Mejía
  • Tucumán
  • Córdoba
  • Puerto Madero
  • San Andrés

Most of them are concentrated in the more central areas like Buenos Aires and Córdoba.

What is the average wage of call center workers in Argentina?

Depending on what specific services you’re looking for, the average wage for call center agents can vary widely—anywhere from less than ARS 17,000 to closer to ARS 70,000 (monthly). The national average salary is ARS 40,889 per month or $412.87 USD. Even on the expensive end, however, you’re still only looking at around $700 USD on a monthly basis, which is far less expensive than managing a call center in house in the United States.

What are the advantages of outsourcing call center services to Argentina?

The most significant benefits that companies receive from outsourcing call center services to Argentina include:

  • Access to a highly skilled workforce
  • Strong bilingual customer support skills 
  • Having a solid and mature telecommunications network
  • Reducing hiring costs by 50% or more
  • Access to government incentive programs that make outsourcing call centers much simpler and far less expensive than managing in-house

How do I start a call center in Argentina?

Starting a call center in Argentina (or another outsource location in our extensive network) starts with a needs analysis to develop a deep understanding of your business and scope your company’s outsourced requirements.

TDS Global Solutions works with you to customize an RFP specific to your business, match you to best-fit contact centers, and facilitate selection, coordination, and contract negotiations.

Finding the right location for your call center and then carrying it all the way to execution causes companies undue strain when forced to do it on their own. TDSGS streamlines this entire process from start to finish and with little to no fees involved for our advisory services.

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