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Tech Support Outsourcing

Having a lot of customers is proof of your success—congratulations!—but it can also overwhelm your helpdesk. Technical support outsourcing is a cost-effective option for alleviating your in-house support team, while ensuring customers receive the support services they need in just one call.

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Focus efforts on critical needs (while saving on your bottom line)

Lots of customers have typical support requests that are easy to resolve, while others have issues that require expert-level troubleshooting. Unfortunately, not even automation tools like interactive voice response (IVR) can always sort one call from the other.

This is where outsourced technical support comes in. By directing all first calls to an outsourced team, agents can quickly identify and resolve basic issues and escalate the more complex calls to your in-house tech support team for thorough problem-solving and resolution. The result: Your team gets to focus on clients with the most sophisticated needs, and you save on your bottom line.

Achieve first call resolution with the right provider for your vertical

First call resolution (FCR) is critical in tech support. It means happier customers who are more willing to speak highly of your company amongst family and friends. It also means fewer repeat calls, so your agents have more time to help other callers and provide that same great customer experience.

When it comes time to select a technical support service provider, TDS helps you find the right partner at the right price to support your current—and future—customer demand.

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Outsourced Technical Support FAQ

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What kinds of businesses outsource their tech support services?

Companies that receive calls, emails, and social media messages from customers needing assistance can utilize outsourced technical support teams. Frequent industries served include software companies; internet and cellular companies; and banking and financial institutions. Medium- and large-sized businesses often rely on outsourcing companies to alleviate monotonous tasks that can be done for a lower cost elsewhere, such as Latin America or Asian Pacific countries like the Philippines.

What services are included in outsourced tech support?

Outsourced tech support agents are skilled in a variety of support services. Typical outsourced tasks often include general customer support, troubleshooting technical issues, warranty support, and disaster recovery. Outsourced help desk services are available in a variety of formats, including inbound calls, email support, social media and live virtual assistant chats.

What are the benefits of outsourcing IT services?

The primary benefits of any business process outsourcing (BPO) efforts are based in human resource cost savings and reclaimed time that can be spent focusing on higher-value activities. By bringing in an outsourced technical support staff and allowing them to handle customer interactions and support requests, you free up funding that could be better spent growing your business even further.

Are there any disadvantages to technical support outsourcing?

By and large, outsourcing your standardized tech support processes to a qualified contact center results in very few disadvantages. There will be some preparation work in advance, such as finalizing scripts, documenting all company processes, and setting goals for your outsourced team. Once outsourcing services begin, you’ll spend time with the local team manager to ensure agents are knowledgeable about your company and represent the brand accordingly. Finally, you may need to reassign workloads or hire new employees who can focus on high-value tasks. Managing change can be difficult, but it’s a requirement for growth.

How much does it cost to outsource tech support?

Actual costs will vary by location, team size, and your business needs and goals, but our clients consistently report that their outsourced IT and tech support services are significantly more cost-effective than managing the same sized team in-house.

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