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Lead Generation Call Centers

Your sales team is great at sales... that’s why you hired them. Don’t let them waste their time on cold calling when they could be closing deals. Trust our outbound call center partners to identify potential customers, turn them into qualified prospects, and send them your way to become new customers.

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With decades of experience and a vast vendor network, we match businesses with the solution providers to best satisfy their operational needs.


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Structured outbound calling, when paired with a vetted script and experienced call center agents, is the perfect solution for bringing in qualified leads. Our lead generation partners work to meet your lead gen goals and support your continued growth.

Outsourced Lead Generation Services Generate Higher Yield at Lower Cost

When comparing outsourced lead gen costs with in-house efforts, the results are clear: outsourcing efforts not only costs less but also results in higher-performing leads. Still feeling unsure? We invite our clients to try a split test with their current team and compare the results.

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Lead Generation Call Center Service FAQ

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How do outsourced agents generate new sales leads?

Our outsourced lead generation partners are experts in what they do, and over the years, have developed several lead generation strategies to fill your sales pipeline. Some strategies involve heavy-duty research and hours of attempts to make contact, while others simply require spending time to call and qualify the overwhelming amount of leads that come in from your website. Either way, the end result is a list of thoroughly vetted and qualified prospects, prime for conversion.

What is the lead generation process?

Outsourced lead generation companies operate in a similar fashion to traditional telemarketing, but at a more intense scale. In some cases, lead generation agents act like private detectives, searching for the names and contact information of potential clients who meet the attributes of your target audience. When working on B2B lead generation, agents focus on identifying decision makers. All potential customers are entered into a CRM so that agents can track prospect status and log time spent reaching out.

Once a large list of contacts has been identified, work begins on lead qualification. In this stage, call center agents make phone calls until they have established a connection and verified the contact’s details. Bad leads (those who are not interested or who don’t meet attribute requirements) are marked as such and removed from the contact list.

Qualified contacts can be sent to your sales team in small batches or as a complete list to fill your sales pipeline.

How do lead generation services integrate with outbound call centers?

Lead generation services can stand alone, where agents work to find, qualify, and send new leads that will optimize your in-house appointment-setting efforts.

However, lead generation is just one of the call center solutions that our outbound calling partners can provide. When paired with more general outbound calling goals, the process involves call center agents first identifying the lead, then working that lead until a sales appointment is set. At that point, processes are turned over to your sales team to finalize.

How do I know if my outsourced lead generation efforts are working?

You can work with your outsourced partner on quality monitoring of real-time metrics, or simply compare previous lead gen efforts with new results from your outsourced partners. You can also confirm that the customer experience is being maintained to your brand’s standards by listening to recordings between agents and callers. We’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your call center outsourcing results.

Is lead generation a popular business function to outsource?

Yes, as businesses grow, we have noticed that lead generation efforts are becoming more and more commonly outsourced amongst our clients.

Additional common BPO efforts include customer support, inbound call routing, and responding to social media communications — all operations that we support clients in outsourcing.

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