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When it comes to your customers’ experience, quality is everything. We partner with organizations all over the world to provide top-of-the-line customer service and support — without the heavy lifting on your end and at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

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With decades of experience and a vast vendor network, we match businesses with the solution providers to best satisfy their operational needs.


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From email and chat support to inbound and outbound calling, we have the outsourced team for the job. And with a 95% average CSAT score, our support teams deliver high-quality customer care, protecting your company’s brand and driving high levels of customer satisfaction.

"I would highly recommend TDS for all placement services. They take the time to fully understand our business, core values, and corporate culture to ensure that each candidate fits seamlessly into our organization."

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TDS Global Solutions is much more than just an outsourcing company. With over 30 years of BPO experience and a worldwide network of providers, we help our clients mitigate risk through every step of the process. From proper partner selection to worry-free onboarding, customer retention, and quality assurance, we take the lead on the work involved while reducing your operating costs.

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Customer Support Call Center: FAQ

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Why is customer support outsourced?

Customer support is often outsourced because it helps companies simultaneously provide a high-quality customer experience and reduce their labor costs. In many cases, businesses serve customers who live all over the world and speak many different languages. Having customer support agents in countries outside of the US not only presents a cost advantage for US-based businesses, but it also enables those businesses to provide support around the clock and in different languages.

What is an outsourced service provider?

An outsourced service provider is someone who is certified to work on behalf of a given company, providing a specified service to that company’s clients or managing other back-office operations. These providers can be found in the form of freelancers and acquired on a one-off basis, or they can be entire corporate entities. The more outsourced service providers a business requires, the more it makes sense to work with a partner like TDS Global Solutions, which matches businesses with providers that will best meet their needs.

What should I look for when outsourcing customer service?

When outsourcing customer service, you want to look for a provider who both understands your needs as a business and has the ability to meet those needs. Rather than aiming to outsource customer service to a specific country, you should evaluate your options based on the specific service you want to provide. Consider the following factors: what language(s) your customer base speaks, where in the world your customers are located (and in what time zones), desired savings, level of expertise in certain areas, communication channels that will be used to service customers, etc.It’s important to find a provider that can deliver on all these different components and do it at less of a cost than it would be to do in-house. However, this can be an overwhelming process, which is why TDS Global Solutions exists to help streamline it from start to finish.

What are the pros and cons of outsourcing customer service?

The pros of outsourcing customer service include:

  • Major labor cost savings 
  • Ability to offload everyday operations and focus internal resources on core business functions
  • Provide elevated services in terms of multilingual and 24/7 support due to complementary time zones
  • Stimulating economies and providing jobs for hardworking individuals in developing countries

While these can largely be mitigated with the right provider, cons of outsourcing customer service include:

  • Lack of transparency among the third-party and in-house parts of the business
  • Different standards and cultural norms between providers and customers
  • Less control and quality monitoring
  • Lack of specialized industry or company knowledge

How do companies outsource support?

There are two main ways through which companies outsource support. The first way involves considerably more work on the company’s part — they’ll have to do a significant amount of research to find providers that offer the support they’re looking for, in the right language(s), via the right channels, within the right budget, etc. They’ll also be responsible for all the upfront work involved with getting started and training the agents, and if it doesn’t work out, they’ll have the start the whole process over again.The second way companies outsource support is through working with a partner like TDS Global Solutions. We relieve you of all those steps and the trial and error involved with going the route described above. We have matched hundreds of companies with hundreds of thousands of agents around the world, streamlining an otherwise cumbersome and expensive process at no additional cost to you. You can start the process in seconds by filling out the quick form below. We’ll give you a call to learn more about your business and what you’re looking for, and then we can efficiently match you with the best outsourced service providers, so you’re actually outsourcing in no time.

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