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Call Center Outsourcing for Hospitality Companies

Your guests expect the ultimate in customer service—and call center experiences aren’t excluded from that requirement. Our specialized call center partners offer end-to-end services that will scale your hospitality business while providing first-class customer support.

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Higher Booking Rates

The hospitality and tourism industry is highly competitive, and and high-quality services provided by your contact center directly impact your booking rates. When they don’t receive superior service; they book with your competitor.

With 24/7 service options and multilingual agents on hand, our partners provide the ultimate in hospitality call center solutions. Your guests enjoy the effortless experience, increasing customer satisfaction rates and leading to repeat bookings.

Scalability for Peak Season

The hospitality industry experiences peak seasons. Travel agencies, hotels, and other service providers often struggle to provide adequate staffing for peak seasons without carrying the additional staffing expense all year.

Outsourcing your customer support services allows you to avoid these struggles. You can easily scale your outsourced call center partnership up or down as needed by season.

Support for Members of Loyalty Programs

Loyal customers are the backbone of any hospitality business. To ensure customer satisfaction for the members of your loyalty programs a company must immediately meet their booking and cancellation needs, answer their questions, and provide support.

Your outsourced call center agents will be more than happy to support your most loyal guests in the same fashion that you already do. Allow our partners to show you the world-class service they can provide, leading to even higher retention rates and customer satisfaction scores.

Why Outsource Your Hospitality Call Center Services

Take customer experience to the next level with high-quality customer care in your customers’ native language.

Gain access to specialized teams as often as needed. Focus on rapid customer growth this quarter with lead generation services, or promote a new sales offer with increased booking and reservation agents next quarter.

Allow your in-house team to prioritize in-person guests while your outsourced team assists future guests with their needs.

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Hospitality Call Center Outsourcing FAQ

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What services can be outsourced in the hospitality industry?

Hospitality industry companies can outsource customer support, inbound and outbound call centers, lead generation, tech support, helpdesk services, and back-office services. Outbound call center services can include ecommerce functions, social media, email responses, omnichannel services, chat support, and CRM tasks. Outbound call center agents also can send follow up emails and surveys to gauge the customer’s overall satisfaction with their services.

What are the advantages of outsourcing call center services in the hospitality industry?

One advantage of outsourcing is the ability to scale for both peak and off-peak seasons. Another is that our partners have the flexibility to use your software and technology, keeping all client and guest communications logged in your own CRM.

Using a call center for BPO services allows you to expand your team to all corners of the globe at a fraction of the price. Callers will appreciate real-time customer service in their own

Our partners provide customer support across various communication channels, including answering phone calls, responding to emails and social media queries, managing real-time chatbots, and so much more.

How can outsourcing call center services help with seasonality in the hospitality industry?

Outsourcing allows hospitality companies to scale for peak seasons without the expense of taking on additional team members. The call center service provider is responsible for securing the staff required to provide multi-channel support during high seasons. In addition, your outsourcing team can be modified based on your seasonal goals. If summers are your high season, you may phone support during the spring and summer. Meanwhile, your fall and winter seasons can focus on lead generation and outbound marketing efforts.

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