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On-site Vendor Management Services

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Are you challenged with Corporate Travel Restrictions?
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Interested in reducing overall Vendor Management Costs?
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Would full time dedicated onsite Vendor Management or Partner Support be of value to you?
TDS provides on-site local and highly qualified talent to support your business requirements.
Vendor Management
Operations Management
Quality Analyst
Compliance Auditors
TDS can source the talent you require or take your existing staff and place them on our payroll to support your business requirements.
TDS Vendor Management Support is ideal for those companies that:
Do not have a legal presence in country to support hiring, payrolling and providing benefits to captive employees.
Want to avoid conflict of interest and have your Partner support staff through an independent 3rd party as opposed to having them on your vendors payroll.
Want to deploy staff that are of the same cultural mindset to help improve communications, drive productivity and quality.
Want dedicated support as opposed to parachuting corporate support into the location from time to time.

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