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Ireland Call Center Outsourcing

Save up to 50% on costs by outsourcing your call center services to Ireland

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Ireland Call Center
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Ireland Call Centers - About This Growing Industry

In Forbes’s list of best countries for doing business, Ireland comes in at #11, with the call center industry being one of the most successful. 

Ireland is a world-class call center industry hub, with over 250 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms and more than 60,000 employees in the sector. This growth dates to around four decades ago when the country emerged at the top of the world's contact center hubs.

Between technological advances, strong communication skills, and a naturally personable workforce, Ireland is becoming a highly sought-after location for BPO.

Why do companies outsource call center operations to Ireland?

Labor Pool

  • 60,000+ employees in BPO; well-regarded employer and employee balance
  • People have naturally strong interpersonal/communication skills
  • Highly educated and multilingual professionals
  • Young and energetic workforce (a third of the population is below 25 years)

Business Climate

  • Recently ranked #1 in workforce adaptability and flexibility by IMD’s Global Competitiveness Yearbook
  • Low taxation rates
  • Regulated norms and standards for probationary and notice periods
  • Highly competitive economy


  • Ranked 20th in the world for education
  • Cutting-edge inter-urban transport system
  • World-class technology hub
  • Young, highly educated, adaptive, and English-speaking workforce


  • Regular initiatives to help IT and other related professionals advance their skills
  • Comfortable time zone enables 24-hour service for US-based companies
  • Hub for top global software developers, with big names like Amazon, Facebook, and Google
  • Lowest inflation rates across the EU

US Companies With Call Centers In Ireland

Dun & Bradstreet
Red Hat
Fidelity Investments
No items found.

Statistics About Ireland


5 million

Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)



$418.62 billion USD

Working Age Population (15-64)

3.27 million

Business Language(s)


Call Center Industry Growth Rate

Expected CAGR of 4.6% from 2020-2027

Statistics About Ireland

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How TDSGS Finds Ideal-Match Outsourcing Partners in Ireland

Statistics About Ireland

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Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)
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Working Age Population (15-64)
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Business Language(s)
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Call Center Industry Growth Rate
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Call Center Ireland: Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to outsource a call center to Ireland?

The cost of outsourcing call centers in Ireland vary widely, depending on the specific type of service you need. As far as labor costs go, hourly call center agent rates range on average between $10-$14 USD. If you’re interested in launching an outsourced call center, one of our representatives can assess your needs and deliver a comprehensive cost estimate and recommendation. 

Where are most call centers in Ireland located?

Most Irish call centres are located in Cork and Dublin. However, other regions like Kerry, Kildare, and Galway also have a share of the BPO centers.

What is the average wage of call center workers in Ireland?

Most call centre agents in Ireland make anything between $10 and $14 hourly. This translates to around $29,790 USD annually, which is a steep discount compared to costs of managing an in-house call center in the United States.

What are the advantages of outsourcing call center services to Ireland?

The BPO industry continues to grow in Ireland and for good reason. The advanced technology development and geographical location are some of the advantages that make it an ideal place for fostering great customer experiences.

The country has a workforce full of highly educated, energetic, and adaptive talent that's hard to match. Additionally, the region's stable economic and political conditions make it a conducive place for off-shore call centers of a wide variety.

How do I start a call center in Ireland?

Starting a call center in Ireland (or another outsource location in our extensive network) starts with a needs analysis to develop a deep understanding of your business and scope your company’s outsourced requirements.

TDS Global Solutions works with you to customize an RFP specific to your business, match you to best-fit contact centers, and facilitate selection, coordination, and contract negotiations.

Finding the right location for your call center and then carrying it all the way to execution causes companies undue strain when forced to do it on their own. TDSGS streamlines this entire process from start to finish and with little to no fees involved for our advisory services.

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