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Call Center Outsourcing to the UK

Save up to 50% on costs by outsourcing your call center services to the United Kingdom

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United Kingdom Call Center
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United Kingdom Call Centers - About This Growing Industry

The United Kingdom has become a hot spot for virtual call center and BPO outsourcing -- particularly for US companies looking for locations with a lower cost, English-speaking workforce.

Your business and brand depend on an excellent customer experience. Professional call center agents in the United Kingdom provide courteous real-time customer support. When setting up outsourced virtual call center services, US companies should consider outsourcing to the UK.

Why do companies outsource call center operations to the United Kingdom?

Labor Pool

  • Over 41 million people of working age
  • Broad range of available hours for global support
  • Native English-speaking employees
  • Low unemployment rate - plenty of jobs available with a population of people eager to work 

Business Climate

  • Polite, professional, and empathetic employees
  • Complete lack of both language and cultural barriers
  • No need for a strict script because clients and employees can easily understand each other and recognize nuance
  • Strong financial and business ethics


  • High-quality technology for phone lines and internet services
  • Positive customer experience due to natural language and cultural commonalities
  • All types of call center services, inbound and outbound, are available around the UK
  • Competitive benefits compared to other outsourcing locations


  • The UK economy is actively creating more call center positions
  • Minimum wage covers the country’s cost of living
  • Time zones are compatible with the rest of the world for constant access
  • Stable government keeps jobs available and benefits businesses, foreign and domestic

US Companies With Call Centers In United Kingdom

Abercrombie & Fitch
Coca-Cola Bottling
Ford Motor
Penske Automotive Group
No items found.

Statistics About the UK


68 million

Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)



$2.7 trillion USD

Working Age Population (15-64)

41 million

Business Language(s)


Call Center Industry Growth Rate

Expected CAGR of 21.1% from 2020-2027

Statistics About the UK

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How TDSGS Finds Ideal-Match Outsourcing Partners in United Kingdom

Statistics About the UK

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Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)
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Working Age Population (15-64)
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Business Language(s)
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Call Center Industry Growth Rate
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Call Center United Kingdom: Frequently Asked Questions

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How many call centers are there in the UK?

As of 2021, there are 671 call center businesses in the UK, which is a 4% decrease from 2016. Some of this decrease is due to the 2020 lockdown closing physical offices, as is expected. If you look at the raw data, you’ll see that call centers employ 1.3 million people, which is 4% of the entire UK workforce.

The industry is projected to grow in the coming years. The startup costs for call centers are low, with most of the budget going to wages. Therefore, US companies are inclined to outsource for high-quality employees.

Where are most call centers in the UK located?

Inner London is where most UK contact centers are located since it’s a business hub with a high density of local workers located nearby. Other cities with large call center businesses include Glasgow and Birmingham.

Manchester has many call centers, but that increases the competition and also pushes the operating costs higher. Most of a call center’s budgets are spent on wages, and areas with higher costs of living will need to pay higher wages to retain employees.

Many companies have found that Sheffield offers low business operating costs. There’s less competition there, though that means there are also fewer potential employees to hire from. It’s these nuances and complexities that TDS Global Solutions works with US companies to help navigate in order to find the best-fit call center services for them.

What is a call center agent’s salary in the UK?

Salaries for call center agents in the UK can vary widely, but the average is around £25,000, which comes out to around $33,700 USD annually. This puts the base pay in the average range in terms of other jobs based in the same location. 

What are the advantages of outsourcing call center services to the UK?

Outsourcing call center services to the UK benefits US-based companies because there are no language or cultural barriers. UK employees are empathetic and relate well to clients. One company found that they received fewer than six complaints per 100,000 customers after outsourcing their customer service business to the UK. 

How do I start a call center in the UK?

Starting a call center in the United Kingdom (or another outsource location in our extensive network) starts with a needs analysis to develop a deep understanding of your business and scope your company’s outsourced requirements.

TDS Global Solutions works with you to customize an RFP specific to your business, match you to best-fit contact centers, and facilitate selection, coordination, and contract negotiations.

Finding the right location for your call center and then carrying it all the way to execution causes companies undue strain when forced to do it on their own. TDSGS streamlines this entire process from start to finish and with little to no fees involved for our advisory services.

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