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Language Skills Assessment Tests

Hire better contact center agents


In partnership with Pearson
to deliver the Versant Suite of assessments.

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Pearson is the world's leading digital learning company who creates and maintains the science and technology behind Versant.

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Beautiful and unique

Responsive and clean

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Versant is an automated, language assessment solution for recruitment, training, and placement.

5 startup inspired templates

Beautiful and unique

Responsive and clean

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TDS Global Solutions
The oldest distributor of Versant. For over a dozen years, TDS has been involved in the design and delivery of Versant’s language assessment solutions. TDS provides tier-1 support to contact centers and customer experience divisions globally and is the exclusive Versant supplier in the Philippines.

Versant helps contact centers create and automate
a global standard level of communication across all agents.

Tests for Reading, Speaking,
Writing, Listening
Backed by
25 years of science
Across English, Spanish,
Arabic, French, Dutch
Available 24/7
Used in 100 countries
Scored 350M tests
since 1996

Clear communication is a foundation for quality customer service...

and Versant identifies candidates who communicate clearly

Create better brand support and customer experiences
Improve FCR, CSAT, and
net promoter scores
Make faster, more informed
hiring decisions
Improve employee experience and longevity
Reduce recruitment costs and mistake hires
Scale and simplify global recruitment processes

Fortune 500's and growing businesses alike, all use Versant.

Financial Institutions
Tech Companies
Phone Carriers
Logistics Organizations
Clothing Brands
Support Service Providers

Versant tests address voice and non-voice requirements.

Versant 4 Skills Test
6 Task Types
• Repeats
• Sentence Builds
• Conversations
• Sentence Completion
• Dictation
• Passage Reconstruction
Versant Speaking Test
6 Task Types
• Reading
• Repeats
• Short Answer Question
• Sentence Builds
• Story Retelling
• Open Questions
Versant Writing Test
5 Task Types
• Typing
• Sentence Completion
• Dictation
• Passage Reconstruction
• E-mail Writing

Candidates can take the test anywhere and anytime

Versant - Web Delivery Icon
Web Delivery
Candidates can take any Versant assessment online via desktop or laptop.
Versant - Mobile App Delivery Icon
Mobile App Delivery
Candidates can use our mobile app to take the Versant spoken test from anywhere, with or without service.
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Versant - Software Delivery Icon
Software Delivery
Candidates can take any test onsite with our software based delivery option.

Remote Monitoring

Offsite testing with the added security you desire
Versant + Remote Monitoring allows you to test candidates' English skills at a location of their choice, with added security and monitoring.Using proprietary AI technology, Versant tests are monitored automatically, without a human examiner present, and suspicious test taker behaviors are flagged for administrators to review.This enables candidates to take the test anywhere they choose, providing you with additional security and confidence to make placement and hiring decisions.
Provides greater security with the convenience of on-demand testing anytime and anywhere in the world
Test taker data is securely stored and meets all GDPR standards
Remote monitoring identifies suspicious behavior and incident reporting available for admin within minutes of test completion
Cost effective
Remote testing improves recruiting and placement efficiency so only the most qualified candidates advance to in-person interviews
Secured by AI, trusted by experts
AI algorithms detect any suspicious activities during testing, empowering administrators to review whether a test result seems authentic.
Image monitoring:
a different face or multiple faces appearing in the video frame, or camera blocked
Video monitoring:
test taker moving out of camera view, more than one person in camera view, or looking away from the camera multiple times
Browser monitoring:
navigating away from the test window or changing tabs multiple times will be counted as violations
Complete recording:
access anytime for audits and reviews. Suspicious segments highlighted for easy review
Test Administration

Test Administration

Your company will be given access to an online admin system called scorekeeper. Through scorekeeper you can:

  • Distribute tests
  • Monitor test taker progress and usage
  • View candidate details and results

Testing Process

  1. Access the Versant Testing System by computer, web, or mobile app
  2. Respond to the test questions or prompts
  3. Responses are instantly sent to the Versant scoring system
  4. Candidate scores and proficiencies are detailed in an online report
Testing Process


After a candidate completes a test, score reports are automatically generated with Pearson's patented AI scoring system.

This technology predicts how expert human interviewers would score a test, allowing you to get instant, unbiased results, anywhere in the world.

Versant score reports include detailed descriptions of each candidates' score and how they measure up compared to other scoring scales like the Global Scale of English (GSE), TOEFL, and TOEIC.

View further details on candidate proficiencies and proposed areas of improvement.

Sample of Versant Score Sheet

Versant Overview

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