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Versant Mobile

Language assessments at your fingertips

There’s no such thing as business as usual anymore. Corporations are being challenged to go digital in every aspect of their business. From anywhere you are, Versant language tests can help you streamline your staffing and talent management processes, empowering you to quickly and objectively screen your candidates.

A new way of testing for a
mobile-friendly world

Versant Mobile is our newest test delivery method, available right from your smartphone. HR professionals can easily administer tests, manage test takers, look up scores and more. Versant Mobile offers more flexibility, more convenience, and on-the-go test management at your fingertips.

Flexible testing
wherever you are

Versant Mobile is designed for any testing situation:
Large recruiting events when speed and scale means everything
In the office for onsite interviews
At-home testing as a
pre-screening tool
Offline testing for low bandwidth conditions

Testing has never been so easy

Versant Mobile is designed for any testing situation:
  1. Download the Versant Mobile app from either the Apple App or Google Play store

  2. Candidates enter their Test Identification Number

  3. Candidates complete their test

  4. Admins view scores online

Key facts about Versant Mobile

Practice then Test.
Candidates can access free sample questions first, then move on to their official test
24/7 testing.
On demand testing means scheduling is never required
Scaled testing.
Test one candidate or hundreds using the same device
Test anytime, anywhere; not limited to onsite testing
Instant scores.
View detailed scores in admin mode within minutes of test completion
Offline mode.
Download tests and administer them anyplace internet is not available

Compare the Difference

Mobile App
Wider availability than traditional landline phones
Audio and visual instructions available
Fully digital – no printing required
In-app sample test helps test takers prepare
Ability to resume a test if connection is lost
Landline Telephone
Long distance charges may apply
Audio instructions only
Printing test instructions and test paper required
Candidates access practice test on website
Candidate must start test over if line is disconnected

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