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Nicaragua Call Center Outsourcing

Save over 50% on costs by outsourcing your call center services to Nicaragua

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Nicaragua Call Center
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Nicaragua Call Centers - About This Growing Industry

Nicaragua offers some of the best skilled, English-speaking workers within the field of customer service. It is just part of why the country is emerging as an attractive competitor for call center and business process outsourcing (BPO). 

The country offers benefits for companies who are looking for both English and Spanish-speaking customer service options. Further, the country has a BPO market value of $152 million that’s expected to continue to grow.

Why do companies outsource call center operations to Nicaragua?

Labor Pool

  • Roughly 76% of the population is both young (under 40) and educated
  • Much of the population is bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish
  • Attractive labor costs with a savings of 50-60% compared to call centers in the United States
  • Active government investment in expanding the BPO sector

Business Climate

  • $152 million business process outsourcing (BPO) market
  • Call centers in the country operate in adherence to many regulations and compliance standards that protect workers, including PCI, HIPAA, ISO, SOC II
  • Attractive tax incentives that encourage both tourism and foreign business opportunities
  • Central Time Zone (CST) location is ideal for real-time communication with US companies and their customers


  • Modern office buildings provide comfortable workspaces for call center employees
  • Nicaraguan government pledged $6.5 billion to improving infrastructure, combined with several million in foreign investments
  • High-speed, fiber optic internet with steady up times and affordably fast connections
  • Exceptional transportation, utilities, and technology to enable the workforce to provide high-quality standards


  • Cost of living is affordably low, approximately 42.73% below the U.S. and rent that averages 79.69% lower 
  • Ideal CST zone allows for reliable customer support for the United States and Canada
  • Internationally known as one of the safest countries in the Western Hemisphere
  • Government interest in BPO enables continued investment of 20% of the country's GDP toward education and training

US Companies With Call Centers In Nicaragua

Kraft Foods
NAPA Auto Parts
Best Western
No items found.

Statistics About Nicaragua


6.625 million

Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)



$12.62 billion USD

Working Age Population (15-64)

4.29 million

Business Language(s)

English and Spanish

Call Center Industry Growth Rate

Statistics About Nicaragua

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How TDSGS Finds Ideal-Match Outsourcing Partners in Nicaragua

Statistics About Nicaragua

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Youth Unemployment Rate (ages 15-34)
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Working Age Population (15-64)
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Business Language(s)
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Call Center Industry Growth Rate
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Call Center Nicaragua: Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to outsource a call center to Nicaragua?

The average Nicaraguan call center agent makes a monthly salary somewhere between 4,150 NIO ($117.83 USD) on the low end to 23,100 NIO ($655.88 USD) at the highest. Typically, though, most call center agents make around $300 USD/month, which represents a massive discount compared to the monthly pay for agents in the United States.

Altogether, US companies can save an average of 50-60% when they choose to outsource to Nicaragua.

Why do US companies outsource call centers to Nicaragua?

The main reason many U.S. companies are deciding to outsource to Nicaraguan call centers because of the high-quality service provided and competitive costs of that labor. For a fraction of the cost of managing in-house call centers,, US-based companies can leverage talented workers in Nicaragua that are highly trained and eager to work in a variety of call center capacities.

While English is not the primary language in the country, many Nicaraguans still speak it fluently. Their bilingualism makes them an excellent match for companies with a mix of English- and Spanish-speaking customers.

Where are most call centers in Nicaragua located?

The city with the most call centers in Nicaragua is Managua, the largest city in the country. It is also the epicenter for the country's culture and commerce, making it an ideal location for call center support and expansion.

What is a call center agent’s salary in Nicaragua?

Call center agents in Nicaragua typically make 10,600 NIO per month, which translates to about $300 USD. That means that, on an annual basis, their salary comes out to less than $4,000 USD. While savings for US companies average around 50-60% when all costs are accounted for, they can still come out to be even more than that.

What are the advantages of outsourcing call center services to Nicaragua?

There are many advantages to outsourcing call center services to Nicaragua, starting with the considerable cost-saving benefits. 

Additionally, U.S. companies gain access to a pool of English-speaking workers and a highly skilled workforce, trained in a variety of call center settings, roles, and industries. Nicaragua’s cultural and economic practices also align favorably with those in the United States.

How do I start a call center in Nicaragua?

Starting a call center in Nicaragua (or another outsource location in our extensive network) starts with a needs analysis to develop a deep understanding of your business and scope your company’s outsourced requirements.

TDS Global Solutions works with you to customize an RFP specific to your business, match you to best-fit contact centers, and facilitate selection, coordination, and contract negotiations.

Finding the right location for your call center and then carrying it all the way to execution causes companies undue strain when forced to do it on their own. TDSGS streamlines this entire process from start to finish and with little to no fees involved for our advisory services.

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