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Inbound vs Outbound Call Centers

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Call centers provide an array of useful services for all types of businesses, but each call center can only fall into one of two categories: it’s either an inbound call center or an outbound call center.

It’s easy to differentiate each type of call center: Inbound call centers take incoming calls, whereas outbound call centers make outgoing calls. And although they tend to use similar technologies to accomplish their goals, the services they provide are fairly different in nature.

Read on to discover more about the differences between inbound and outbound call centers, and the various solutions each type provides.

What is an Inbound Call Center?

An inbound call center is a type of customer service center that handles incoming calls from clients. Call centers are typically open during regular business hours, and they may also offer extended hours or 24-hour coverage.

In most cases, inbound call centers are equipped with toll-free numbers so customers can reach the company free of charge. In addition to standard phone service, many inbound call center agents are trained to handle omnichannel communications across platforms such as email, SMS, live web chat, or social media DMs.

Types of Inbound Call Center Services

An inbound call center can provide a wide range of services to customers, depending on the needs of the business and the customer base. Below are some of the most common types of inbound call center services:

Inbound Sales

Inbound sales is a methodology that focuses on attracting customers through helpful online content and providing them with a personalized experience. The end goal is to build relationships with potential customers, leading to the eventual sale.

A call center that handles inbound sales calls will be staffed with sales reps who are trained to work with callers who are already aware of your product or service, and answer questions about that product, assist the caller in purchasing the product, or helping them set up appointments for more information.

Tech Support

Tech support is a type of customer service that assists customers who are having technical difficulties with a product or service. Tech support agents take incoming phone calls or chats and work with callers to diagnose and resolve technical issues. They also provide guidance on how to use a product or service

Sometimes, technical support representatives remotely access the customer's device to diagnose and fix the problem. This resolves customers' issues while helping your business reduce the number of returns and exchanges, which can be costly.

Customer Complaints

When a customer contacts your business to lodge a complaint, they expect you to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently. Failure to do so can result in loss of business, as well as damage to your reputation.

Many inbound call centers offer call monitoring and recording to help track and identify common complaints and ultimately resolve the larger issues.

Customer Support & Service

Customer concerns, queries, and issues are the main focus of an outsourced customer service team. Representatives on this team always strive to provide the best possible experience to your customers, and help resolve customer service queries by:

  • Listening to customer calls and understanding their concerns
  • Addressing customer concerns in a timely and efficient manner
  • Building strong customer relationships
  • Providing customers with the best possible experience

Product Upgrades & Releases

Companies can use inbound call center services to ensure their customers always have access to the most up-to-date product information.

Inbound call center representatives can act as a product hotline, providing customers with details about new product releases and upgrades. They can also address customer concerns and answer any questions they may have about the products.

In addition, call centers can also help businesses manage customer complaints and close the feedback loop on new releases and bugs that may be causing them to function improperly.

General Inquiries

General inquiries from clients include questions about products, services, billing, or anything else related to your business. Inbound call center services can help your business save time and money on these general inquiries by handling them off-site. This way, you can focus on other areas of your business's operation while still gaining data on what your customers find most important.

In addition, inbound call center services can help improve communication with clients by providing a professional and courteous service. Organizations can improve their overall operations by outsourcing general inquiries to an inbound call center service.

What is an Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call center is a contact center that makes outgoing calls to customers or clients. The main purpose of an outbound call center is to make sales or telemarketing calls to customers on behalf of a company, although they may also provide customer service.

Outbound call centers often focus on selling new products or services to customers or upselling them on those they’re already using. In order to make these sales, outbound call center agents need to be especially warm and friendly on the phone, as well as knowledgeable about the products or services they are selling.

Types of Outbound Call Center Services

Most people believe that outbound call centers only handle cold calling. However, businesses can use them to execute different types of services, including the following.


Telemarketing is a type of direct marketing in which outbound call center agents contact potential or existing customers to sell a product or service, solicit donations, or conduct market research. The term “telemarketing” can also refer to the use of automated telephone systems to make outbound calls.

Appointment Scheduling

You can use outbound call centers to schedule appointments for salespeople or other company representatives to meet with potential customers. In many cases, outbound call center agents will contact leads that have already expressed interest in a product or service but have not yet made an appointment.

Customer Surveys

Another common use for outbound call centers is conducting customer surveys. You can do this either by phone or through an automated system. Surveys are a great way to collect customer feedback and generate data on user experience with your product or service. They can also help you identify areas that need improvement.


Outreach is the process of calling or emailing potential customers with the end goal of selling a product or service. Outbound call centers can provide you a team of outreach representatives who are experienced in lead generation and follow-up tactics for lost leads. They then provide qualified leads to your sales team to nurture and convert. While the term ‘outreach’ is most commonly used in the context of sales, it can also be used in other industries, such as customer service and marketing.

Sales Calls & Follow-Up Calls

Sales calls are a specialty of many outbound call centers.

Sales calls can be divided into two main types: cold and warm calls. Cold calls are made to potential customers who have not been previously contacted by the salesperson. In contrast, warm calls are made to potential customers who have been contacted by the salesperson before or who have expressed interest in the product or service.

Sales follow-up calls may be required for leads who weren’t ready for more information on the first call. In this instance, outbound call center agents will make follow-up calls to periodically check in and move leads further down the funnel. Once the lead is willing to learn more about your product or service, agents will put them in touch with your sales team, or schedule an appointment for your sales reps to connect with them.

Collections Calls

Outbound call centers can also provide collections services for overdue debts. The purpose of these calls is to remind the customer of the outstanding amount and arrange for payment.

What Technologies Do Inbound and Outbound Call Centers Use?

Technology is a big part of any call center, specifically when it comes to automated dialers and interactive call routing. These call center softwares allow agents to get more work done in less time, while providing a better customer experience for the caller.

Inbound IVR

Interactive voice response, or IVR, is an automated call answering system that allows businesses to efficiently manage incoming calls according to each caller’s specific needs. It can be used for routing, queue management, and even automated customer service. IVR systems can be very beneficial for businesses but must be carefully designed and implemented to work properly.

For example, a business might use an IVR system to route calls to the appropriate department or agent. In this case, the IVR system would need to be designed to understand the caller's needs and route them accordingly.

Outbound IVR

Outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) can automate the distribution of outbound calls, emails, SMS, and social media communications, so call center agents can complete more outbound activities in a day.

Outbound IVRs are very beneficial, especially for businesses that need to make a lot of outbound calls. They can provide personalized messaging based on the targeted individual, while still allowing outbound agents to reach more people.

Predictive Dialer

This type of dialer is used to automatically dial a list of phone numbers. It's a cutting-edge dialer option that predicts the ratio of how many calls will be answered at any given time, dials enough phone numbers to meet that number of answered calls, and automatically connects answered calls to the next available agent.

This technology allows call centers to minimize the number of abandoned calls, improve customer satisfaction, and maximize productivity.


Inbound and outbound call centers can offer a wide range of services that can benefit businesses of all sizes. The key is to find the right provider and to carefully select the services that will best meet your needs. Technology, such as IVR systems, can also improve call center efficiency and effectiveness.

Are you looking to outsource call center services? We can help! We offer a wide range of inbound and outbound call center services that can be tailored to your specific business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you improve your customer service.

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