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Airport, Infra Projects to Attract Investors

New Int’l Airport, Elevated Thoroughfare
Among Infra Projects to Attract Investors

With the aim of attracting new investors and market entrants, the Philippine government has finally given the go-signal to the conglomerate San Miguel Corporation to begin development of the $15-billion New Manila International Airport.

The airport will be located in Bulacan province, just north of Metro Manila and south of Clark Special Economic Zone and Clark International Airport.

This new airport, which will thereby help decongest the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, will likely be operational within four to six years.


Major projects like the Bulacan airport hence aim to ease travel for tourists as well as provide direct and indirect jobs for the Filipinos.

#Infrastructure developments in the #Philippines to help resolve #traffic congestion in #EDSA

Beer Giant Wants to Build a 10-Lane Elevated Road to Ease Manila Traffic

A road above the Philippines capital’s main highway is being proposed to ease congestion in the city with among the world’s worst traffic.

SMC also aimed to submit a proposal for a 10-lane steel elevated highway along congested EDSA, where more than 300,000 vehicles pass through daily.

EDSA, which connects Metro Manila cities from north to south, can only handle a capacity of about 260,000 vehicles.

According to SMC, it will take 24-30 months to build the toll road to include a bus rapid transit system on top of the major thoroughfare.

To note, the Japan International Cooperation Agency earlier revealed that National Capital congestion costs the Philippine economy about P3.5 billion pesos ($67 million) daily.

Engineering, Construction Industries

Language skills assessment tests, like Versant, can provide benefits to heavy industries, especially as they prepare to expand their future workforce.

How Skills Assessment Tests Benefit Engineering, Construction Industries

Language skills assessment tests, like Versant, can provide benefits to heavy industries, especially as they prepare to expand their future workforce.

For engineering and construction firms with global customers, Versant’s AI-enhanced automated language tests can efficiently and accurately assess language proficiency of their worldwide workforce, especially for their site project leaders.

In fact, there are seven areas for action, or improvement, that can help boost productivity for engineering and construction firms, by as much as 50-60 percent. These include: 1) Reshaping regulation, 2) Rewiring contracts, 3) Rethinking design, 4) Improving procurement and supply chain, 5) Onsite execution, 6) Infusing technology and innovation, and 7) “Reskilling” workers.


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