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3 Worker-Friendly Bills Passed in Lower House

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Expanded Maternity Leave, 10-Day Incentive, 4-Day Work Week Eyed

The Philippine House of Representatives recently passed three bills the public generally regards as beneficial to workers.

In particular, the Lower House of Congress approved bills expanding maternity leaves and the annual incentive leave with pay.

Also, the House passed a bill proposing a compressed work week, typically 4 days from the usual 5. Working hours may then be extended from 10-12, from the usual 8.

Maternity and Paternity Leaves

The bill therefore increases to 100 days the fully paid maternity leave for women, regardless of delivery method. Comparatively, current laws provide 60 days of leave for normal delivery and 78 days for C-section.

Aside from the 100-day maternity leave, women workers may extend it to another 30 days but without pay. Meanwhile, a Senate version of the bill reportedly seeks to grant 120 days with optional 30 days extension.

On the other hand, male employees are also entitled to a 7-day paternity leave.

There is already a 10-day leave for women who are victims of abuse, a 7-day parental leave for solo parents, and special leave for women with gynecological condition.

Incentive Leave and 4-Day Work Week

Proponents of the 10-day incentive leave said it boosts employee morale and satisfaction, and consequently manifests increased productivity.

Specifically, the proposed incentive leave applies to every employee who has worked at least one year.

However, the proposed law does not apply to employees:

  1. already enjoying such benefit;
  2. enjoying a vacation leave of at least 10 days with pay;
  3. working in establishments regularly employing less than 10 people.

From the current 5-6-day work week, employees in a compressed 4-day work week will have to render 40-48 hours a week.

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