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Building Blocks of a Community of Experts in the Philippines (Part 1of 9)

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The Philippines’ continue to be a choice of destination for companies that are looking to leverage on labor arbitrage.

Redefining COE

Long was the time when COE – or Centers of Excellence was the preferred jargon for most companies that would want to establish their operations in the country. However, the growing trend right now, with the maturity of the industry, are calling it and defining it differently- from Centers of Excellence to Community of Experts.

Like most companies, setting up pillars to build a solid foundation is critical to any company that would want to set up their own COE’s. These articles would be a series covering the basic building blocks that are critical in ensuring that each unit forms a cohesive unit in delivering excellent service and ensuring confidence in stakeholder management.

The Building Blocks of Community of Experts
  1. People
  2. Processes
  3. Technology
  4. Location
  5. Security and compliance
  6. Infrastructure
  7. Certifications
  8. Pricing
  9. Delivery Models

The First Building Block: People

Like most COE’s- this is eventually a PEOPLE business. For every company, the critical item here is to identify the structure that is needed to support the organization moving forward.

The attached slides cover the first part of what is normally practiced for most organizations, covering the important units in the organization. The succeeding slides cover critical roles and responsibilities from a delivery unit (Operations) and the other support functions.

The TDS Difference

At TeleDevelopment Services, inc.,  we can support recruitment and training for all the necessary critical roles mentioned on above. We have a database of close to 500,000 BPO professionals across all levels in the organization that caters to either outsourcing or shared services.

We have helped multiple companies grow their headcount in various positions, in various locations around the country including Country GM, Site Directors, Head of HR, IT, CFO all of which played critical roles in growing the organizations around the country.

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About TDS Global Solutions (formerly TeleDevelopment Services Inc.)

TDS has established key partnerships with organizations to serve and stimulate growth in the IT-BPM industry. It has spent decades providing outsourcing solutions, management consulting services, talent assessments, executive recruitment, and vendor selection & management  for crucial departments of call center operations. For more info, please email TDS at or dial US number (1-888) 788-4441.

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