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Employer Branding: World’s Most Attractive 2018

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World’s Most Attractive Employers 2018 Report Highlights Tech, Fashion Brands

Stockholm-based market intelligence and employer branding company Universum Global has just released its annual report for 2018.

For its 10th annual World’s Most Attractive Employers report, Universum surveyed over 225,000 business and engineering/information technology students.

The students notably came from the world’s 12 largest economies. They include Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In particular, Universum asked them to provide insights on company traits they find most attractive in a potential employer. Moreover, it asked the students on who they perceive to be their ideal employer.

“One of the best things about Universum’s WMAE ranking is that ... you start to notice more than short-term trends, and can see past the winners or losers of a specific industry or category for that one year,” Universum CEO Petter Nylander said.

Forefront of Employer Branding

According to Universum, the WMAE has been at the forefront of emerging employer branding trends and tactics. For the past decade, tech brands like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple have been leading the pack.

“By following the world’s most attractive employers, we can analyze the desires of talent to learn how those desires align with the perception of the companies themselves,” Universum said. “Understanding the motivations of candidates will help organizations of any size be better prepared to attract and retain talent.”

For this year’s report, Universum said, it dived into the global employer branding tactics resonating with the upcoming workforce. Additionally, the report provides information and comparisons to allow businesses to emulate tactics in their own employer brand strategy.

Specifically, US companies are on the rise among the WMAE. In 2009, around 52 percent of WMAE were in Europe and 46 percent in the US. A decade later, however, 52 percent are in the US and 42 percent in Europe.

Cars and Fashion

In 2009, the top 30 employer rankings contained only two automotive company, BMW and Daimler/ Mercedes-Benz. For 2018, there are now seven automotive brands.

Compared to 10 years ago where they were not yet around, three fashion players are in the new list. To note, Adidas, Nike and Louis Vuitton are now in the Top 30 employers for 2018.

“While consumer goods companies are still reasonably well represented among the top 50 employers, their relative appeal has declined with the Top 7 in 2009, dropping an average of 10 places in the business student rankings,” the report said.

Employer and Talent Branding

So how can your business benefit with employer branding and talent branding? Companies like TeleDevelopment in partnership with LinkedIn can provide you employer and talent branding solutions.

You can now promote your corporate talent brand by tapping your very own employees and their networks as workplace “ambassadors.”

LinkedIn in fact revealed that a strong talent brand has actually helped companies reduce cost per hire by 50 percent. Having such a strong brand even lowers turnover rates by more than a quarter of the cost.

Find out and learn more how you can raise your corporate profile and talent branding initiatives.


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